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5 minutes with Chief Customer and Commercial Officer at EstimateOne, Nat Feehan

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Give a warm welcome to the newest member of our Circle, EstimateOne. 

In addition to creating game-changing technology for the construction industry, EstimateOne was recently announced as one of Australia’s best places to work. For them, it’s all about looking after their team.  

Here are some highlights from a recent chat between our Product Marketing Manager, Sarah Gildea, and Nat Feehan, Chief Customer and Commercial Officer at EstimateOne

What attracted EstimateOne to join Circle In?

Circle In is really a platform for caregivers, and caregiving is done in a lot of different forms, whether you’re a parent, whether you’re thinking about being a parent, whether you’re caregiving to a parent or a friend, or even to a pet. Circle In is just a fantastic platform and resource for people in terms of where to get information, help, and support in navigating all of the different elements of being a caregiver.

What problem is Circle In solving for EstimateOne?

One of the things I love about our culture at EstimateOne is we really just care about the human. There’s a lot of care that’s given, but people still have individual needs that are relevant to them. For me, I’ve got kids who are teenagers, and we’ve got other people in the organization who are caregivers, people who are thinking about being parents, new managers who could be potentially managing somebody who’s thinking about taking leave. There’s a lot of care in the organization and this is a resource that can help people navigate through their own experiences, or how to support others’ problems. 

I love that you frame that as not even a problem, but just a thing that’s happening. These things are happening in people’s lives and offering them guidance, support, and validation through a lot of those journeys that all of us are going through. 

It is part of life, and in a lot of instances it’s about gaining confidence, so sometimes it’s just being able to draw and research resources, or hear other people’s stories on how to manage something. I come from a background where for a long time I probably tried to hide a lot of my non-work life out of the workforce and I think one of the great outcomes of COVID is that it’s almost forced that barrier down, so it’s really nice for people to be able to bring their whole selves to work. 

What does success look like for EstmateOne in supporting your caregivers and families?

Number one, I’d love people to use it. If we can provide a platform like this I’d love people to give it a go and just to utilize it because if it’s a benefit that we’re providing, we just want people to engage with it. The next one would be that we create better conversations for people. Whether that’s a manager with a team member, whether it’s relationships and conversations that are had with somebody who is on leave, or is going through a hard time as a caregiver. I’d love to see more support and more constructive kind of conversations and then I’d like people to feel more confident in themselves, whatever kind of looks like, just to have the confidence and reassurance that they’re not alone. 

Yes, no one is alone, no matter how niche you may feel your situation is at any one point, there are always other people who’ve been through really similar things. I particularly like that you mentioned managers and managing people. We see a lot of comments through the work that we do of people managers, sometimes not having an experience that they can relate to with the people in their teams, and Circle In has those resources that can assist them to have a conversation that might be the first time they’ve had exposure to that particular issue. 

What I like about Circle In is those resources and the tools to help do that. If you’re going on parental leave for the first time, you might not know what you’re going to experience, and as a manager, you might not know the questions to ask, but it gives you some guidance on how to structure that conversation. I know one common thing that happens often: there’s an assumption that if somebody goes on parental leave they don’t want to be communicated with. For most people, they do actually want communication, they want to be able to keep in touch, and they want a pretty good plan for when they go on leave of what that’s going to look like. Circle In can provide some great tools for people to start thinking about those things. 

We are proud to welcome EstimateOne to our Circle and look forward to supporting their people in all of the moments that matter.

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