5 minutes with Head of People and Culture at Catch, Roxane Carr

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Circle In is thrilled to announce our partnership with Catch. For Catch, it’s about doing the right thing, and partnering with Circle In to support their people in key life moments.

Here are some highlights from a recent chat between our Co-Founder, Jodi Geddes, and Head of People and Culture at Catch, Roxane Carr.

Why was it important for you to invest in a platform such as Circle In?

We want all of our team members to feel super supported throughout their time at Catch, but we also recognize that working parents and caregivers in general have a bit of a tough gig, and the demands are pretty intense at times. We recognized that we could probably do a better job of supporting people going through all of those critical life transitions, so that really was the key driver for us. How can we better support our working parents, our caregivers, and their managers to ensure that that part of their journey is the best it can be?

What excites you most about the platform and the partnership with Circle In?

A platform like this wasn’t around when I was a parent, and becoming a parent for the first time. I think about how challenging it was to navigate without information, without resources on, what’s it going to be like when I return to work with a young baby? How am I going to get my baby into childcare? How do you handle flexible working? I think what a difference it can make in helping team members stay connected to their work, and ultimately to their employer so that we keep all this amazing talent in the workforce. That is so good for our communities and the world in general.

You spoke about the importance of supporting your managers, can you just talk a little bit about why it is important for you to provide greater support for them?

With our manager community, some of our managers are really new to their roles. We’ve got a really young workforce, we’ve got a lot of managers that are managing fairly large teams for the first time, and often they are managing people going through some of these life transitions for the first time that they might not have done themselves either, so can’t speak from a place of experience. 

The opportunity to give conversation guides, to give little nudges on key moments that they should be checking in with their team members, which Circle In provides, is going to be invaluable for creating an incredible employee experience. 

That’s ultimately what I get excited about, being a people-geek. I want to see our employees be supported throughout their whole time with us and their managers play such a key part in that experience.

What does success look like for you?

I think success for us is our team members feeling as though their manager really gets what they’re going through. I think that there’s positive dialogue happening between the manager and team member, they’re talking about the issues that matter and feeling as though they’ve got support both from their manager and from Catch more generally.

We are proud to welcome Catch to our Circle and look forward to supporting their people in all of the moments that matter.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can support your employees, click here to talk to us today.

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