5 minutes with Laura Sloane, Head of People at Mr Yum

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Circle In is thrilled to be partnering with Australian Tech success story, Mr Yum to provide support to all of their people in the moments that matter most.

With “here to serve” as a team mantra, Mr Yum thought intentionally about the ways in which they serve their parents and caregivers. Creating a holistic experience for working parents and caregivers that supported them in a really practical way, and at every stage of parenthood, is key to their partnership with Circle In.

Here are some highlights from a recent chat between our Circle In Co-Founder, Jodi Geddes, and Head of People, Mr Yum, Laura Sloane.

Why was it important for you to invest in a program such as Circle In?

When we were thinking about this program, one of our values at Mr Yum, or mantras, as we call them internally, is “here to serve,” and that’s in the context of both customers and our team members. We started to think really intentionally about the ways that Mr Yum is here to serve our parents and caregivers. It was really important for us that our approach wasn’t just centered around how many weeks of parental leave we offer. That’s a really important component of this, but we wanted to look more holistically at the experience of working parents and caregivers, and really create a program that supported them in a really practical way, at every stage of parenthood. 

The other point that I would make is that as a female-led business, our leadership team is particularly passionate about the role that programs such as Circle In play in creating a more inclusive environment for our female team members, especially during that transition back to work after going on parental leave. This is something that was really, really important for us to invest in and invest in early. 

The leadership role modeling you are playing is hopefully influencing others behind you to create that inclusive culture.  I remember that first conversation that we had together, you were absolutely adamant that this is not just about policy, it’s about the experience and doing the right thing and becoming a great place to work for families.

What does success look like for you in using a platform like Circle In?

The sort of first signs of success comes from what I’m hearing and seeing from the team. We’re still at a size where I get a lot of feedback, I have a lot of conversations with everyone across the business, and so, for me, success is, are people talking about inclusion at Mr Yum? Are they talking and sharing stories internally and externally about how supported they feel?  Is Circle In being mentioned on Slack internally in a really organic way? Are managers championing it? So it’s that buzz that is really an indicator that this has been successful. 

I would obviously look at the data. Are we attracting and hiring people with families and caregiving responsibilities? Are we then retaining those individuals as they go through their parenting journey? And again, especially as they’re transitioning back to work after taking time out? That’s where if you look across businesses, you see a lot of drop-offs, and you start to lose people. I then would be looking at what our engagement data is telling us,  are people telling us that feeling included and motivated and really connected to Mr Yum? 

What are you most excited about the platform and the partnership with Circle In?

I think our team is going to respond really, really positively to Circle In. Some of the work that we’ve done in this space already around parental leave, around things like miscarriage leave, has been really, really well received. For me, I’m most excited about the impact that Circle In is going to have on some of our team members who are going through these moments at the moment. We have team members who are about to become parents for the first time, so knowing that this support is available to them feels really rewarding. 

I’m also really excited about the impact this is going to have on our managers because managers have got a really tough job. They’re expected to wear so many different hats, play so many different roles, and so being able to equip them with the tools to be able to support parents and caregivers in their teams in a really supportive and positive way, I’m particularly excited about the impact of that will have. 

We are thrilled to welcome Lendi Group to our Circle and look forward to supporting their people in all of the moments that matter.

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