Circle In welcomes Culture Amp to the Circle

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What do you get when a culture first company meets a working parents support platform? A brilliant place to work! We’re proud to announce that the Circle In platform has now been launched to the employees at Culture Amp, globally. 

Culture Amp is well known in the HR industry as the company that powers culture-focused companies everywhere. In 2019, the team at Culture Amp revisited their parental and caregiving leave offering with a vision to make offer a consistent experience regardless of geography or gender. Primary carer leave was increased to 14 weeks and the company noticed a strong uptake across all genders. With access to great flexible working benefits, the company experiences high rates of engagement and retention across working parents of children aged 2-18.

With a significant portion of the workforce having some form of caregiving responsibility, launching the Circle In platform was a no-brainer. Given the events of 2020, it is ever more important to be supporting working parents and caregivers as they take on even more responsibility and juggle between personal and work needs. Circle In will help us at Culture Amp to provide a place dedicated to productivity wellbeing and connection for our working parents and caregivers. We hope it will give them a sense of being in it together and the strong message of ‘you’ve got this.’” says Kath Rau, People Operations Director at Culture Amp.

The team at Culture Amp wishes for their working parents and caregivers to have a place where they can go to learn, grow or just chill out and get some affirmation that they are doing a great job. Through the Circle In platform, they wish to create a shared space for staff to support each other through their stories and contribute to each others’ wellbeing. 

The Circle In Future of Work research reveals that the time is now for companies to hardwire flexibility and inclusion into their business strategy. Trailblazers like Culture Amp are showing the industry how this is done and we’re thrilled to be on this journey with them.

Here is Culture Amp CEO, Didier Elzinga and Kath Rau talking about how this is an important step towards the engagement and wellbeing of their staff:

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