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Circle In welcomes Treasury Wine Estates to the Circle

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Treasury Wine Estates launches the Circle In Parents and Carers Platform to boost support for working families.

You can’t walk through your local bottle shop without coming across the beautiful wines by Treasury Wine Estates (TWE). They’re one of the world’s leading wine companies and needless to say, home to many household names in wine. This month, they launch a global partnership with Circle In in an exercise to increase support for working families. This comes in conjunction with additional paid parental leave support for teams in ANZ as well as increased flexible working support to adapt to the future of work.   

With more than 3000 employees worldwide, TWE has a reputation for excellence across the globe. Set to be rolled out across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, EMEA and the Americas, TWE’s Parents and Carers Platform is their way of extending this support to their employee lifecycle.

The platform will provide TWE parents with an easy way to stay connected while on leave, find support for taking leave or returning to work, and access resources and various tools that help them achieve their best as a working parent or caregiver. Managers can also find resources and tools to best support team members who are parents. 

We’re delighted to be partnering with another company that truly supports their working families in striking a balance between family and their careers. With all the curve balls that 2020 has thrown our way, we love working with organisations like TWE that have continued to keep their foot on the pedal to provide better employee experiences during rough times and set themselves up for future success.

Want to find out how we can help you better support your parents and carers? Get in touch here. 

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