L’Oreal join Circle In as founding partner

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L’Oréal Australia is already a leading employer when it comes to paid parental leave, currently offering ALL parents — male and female — an impressive 14 weeks paid leave.

Having introduced its new paid leave policy in 2017, L’Oréal has this week officially launched an innovative new Parent Support & Stay in Touch program to support working parents, in partnership with Circle In.

The program aims to support parents in doing everything from planning parental leave, to staying connected to the workforce and later returning. The portal will house the relevant company information, while also providing a community of peers that staff can access to support, guide and mentor them through becoming a parent.

L’Oréal also has a strong flexible working policy, and on top of its 14 weeks paid leave, offers an additional 20 hours for new parents and parents to be to attend medical and other appointments, along with 10 keeping in touch days for those on leave.

In 2016, L’Oréal Australia also announced that its executive committee was majority female, for the first time.

It’s managing director Rodrigo Pizarro is himself a parent of four children. He says it’s essential that’s he’s running a “smart modern business” and that they are “continually assessing how we can improve our internal practices to retain our valued employees.”

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