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CI-famhol-GX-CONS Jodi Geddes family holiday

Jodi Geddes’ family reconnected on holidays

Jodi Geddes reflects on why taking a break from city living was vital for her work-life harmony.

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Confessions of a recovering overthinker

Is your overthinking keeping you up at night? Career coach Claire Seeber shares her tips to help you get out of your head and into the present.

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Eco-friendly hacks for busy working parents

Want a better world for your kids? Here are some ways to reduce your footprint without compromising on convenience.

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Eight reasons why you need be on LinkedIn

There is never a more critical time to use LinkedIn than when you are planning to go on parental leave or take an extended career break. Leah Lambart of Relaunch Me explains why.

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CI-famsiz-AU-CONS-family size and career

What your family size means for your career

Should work influence your decision on how many children to have? For those in a quantity quandary, we look at the impact of family size on career.

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CI-thpale-GX-CONS-parental leave ending

Thoughts on the end of parental leave

Whether you’re a first-time dad, a mum of four, on three weeks’ parental leave or two years’, the lead up to your return to work is a time to reflect.

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