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Everything you need to help manage the work-life juggle.

Our wardrobe edit with The Personal Styler

Tors, The Personal Styler, takes Kate and Jodi through a wardrobe edit to define their personal style and understand what clothes best suit their body shape.

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Two Girls & Laptop

8 tips before starting your own business

Working for yourself can be so rewarding and can really provide the flexibility that many mums desire. However, it can also be incredibly isolating. There’s …

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Jamila Rizvi on a love of politics and the courage of working mums

Jamila Rizvi lives in Melbourne with her husband Jeremy and 2 year old son Rafi. She’s not only a very talented journalist, with former roles …

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How to find (and juggle) work-life integration

Mention work-life balance to a room full of working mums and you’re likely to be met with sarcastic laughter. The very phrase ‘work-life balance’ suggests that …

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IWD Rob feminism

International Women’s Day is for men too

International Women’s Day is such a valuable opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women but to also examine the gender gaps in our community. However …

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Five ways to overcome impostor syndrome

Too often we see women with a real fear of putting themselves out there in case they are wrong. Or too scared to put their …

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