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Real stories from real parents to inspire you.

Natalie Feehan uses her executive role to support working parents

Natalie Feehan is an executive general manager and mum of three who advocates for gender diversity in the workplace.

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How Gabrielle embraced motherhood, re-evaluated her career and moved to the country 

Having a child leads so many parents to re-evaluate what’s important in their lives and make a career pivot. Gabrielle’s story is no exception. She made the brave decision to return to a career practicing law and live her childhood dream of raising her daughter in the country.

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One family’s inspirational journey navigating multiple diagnoses

Juggling your children’s medical challenges with home and work life can feel like a lonely journey. Adriana Paz shares her story.

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How a career collision brought two besties together to launch their own business

When it comes to following their dreams, LVLY owners and besties Hannah and Verity are absolutely nailing it. When fate brought them together working in …

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We moved around the world three times in five years

L’Oréal HR Director on balancing family life and international career

From New York to Shanghai to Melbourne, Jacob Bonk talks about how he manages an executive career with his roles as a husband and father to two young children.

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I started my masters while on parental leave - Circle In

I started my masters while on parental leave

Have you ever wondered how a mother can care for young children, her family, nail her job and still find time to study? We are …

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