Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know to make the most out of your experience with the Circle In program.

Product and features

The Circle In platform and program focuses on working families, not just working parents. It supports employees with caring responsibilities and supports parents at each stage of the parental journey. The platform also supports people leaders who manage working parents within their teams.

Our expertise and point of difference is that we are able to deliver a global solution, with localised content. We already have platforms in Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, India and Singapore. We have an in-house content team that delivers content tailored for the above-mentioned regions to cater to local policies, work and family culture. We are constantly adding new countries to our platform, so don’t hesitate to let us know your needs! 

Yes, the site content has been designed for your company staff and features your employees talking about their personal experiences of the parental leave journey. The site also features your company’s policies and information. The content has been curated with the support and expertise of Circle In- a leading consultancy in their field of expertise in partnership with your HR team. 

The content on our platform has been carefully curated to be used across multiple industries and is tailored by region. We customise the brand, colours and up to 5 ‘hero’ images on your portal. If you would like to have further customisation, please speak to our amazing team on how we can do so.

Our team add new content every fortnight (if not more often!). We’re also on the constant lookout for policy changes and updates in your respective countries. Policy pages are updated as changes are made to our customer policies.

Super quick! It takes us anywhere between one week and six weeks to build your Parents and Carers Platform. This will vary based on the amount of customisation you require. Book a demo with us for more information.

The program is available to all permanent full time and permanent part-time employees of companies that subscribe to our service (whether or not you are a parent). The program offers unlimited use of practical and inclusive resources for modern working families and managers within the business whether you work within the same geographical location or remotely. We do not work on a per user model, which means you can invite your entire workforce to benefit!

You can think of us as an extension to your HR team. We’re an employee experience platform that helps your managers and carers stay connected and engaged whilst maximizing their full potential. While your policy may cover the legal and government-mandated stuff, we get into the everyday practical advice, tips and resources you need to manage your everyday juggle. The platform also has built-in resources for managers to better support their working parents and foster a culture of support whether they are working in the same location or remotely.

Yes, we can build this into your solution offering based on the needs of your business. For more information, please book a demo with us.

You can support your working parents for as little as $75 a year*. To learn more about our pricing tiers for different company sizes, book a demo with our team today!

*This is calculated by total cost per year divide by an average company size of 1,000 staff.

No, our subscription fee is based on your company size and not number of users.

Customer support

Step 1: Click the invitation link sent to you by your company.
Step 2: Register using your unique code.
Step 3: Create your profile (username and password)
Step 4: Enjoy all the articles, posts and videos to help you while you manage the juggle of career and parenthood.

If your workplace has subscribed to our platform, you can invite your colleagues to join you by sending them the invitation link sent to you by your company.

For all employees please visit your Parents and Carers Platform> select My Account > Edit my profile > and select unsubscribe from the platform. 

Please forward any queries through to email: 

Upon signing with us, you will be provided with a customer success representative. Our representatives will be responsible for liaising with you regularly and will provide you with monthly reports on the performance and engagement of your portal. We also work with your HR team to gather real stories from your employees to share on the portal.

Please forward details of any issues through to email:

Data, security and privacy

All information about our subscriber data collection and storage, and privacy policy can be found here:

We collect a minimal amount of user data when users register with our platform in order to provide a tailored user experience. Of the limited user data that we do collect, none of it is considered “sensitive”. Further information regarding our subscriber data collection and storage can be found in our privacy policy:

Circle In securely stores data utilising the AWS platform.  We follow best-practice security when it comes to storing data, including encrypting all data at rest and in transit.   Please read our privacy policy for more information:

All of Circle In’s infrastructure and data is hosted with AWS. AWS are Privacy Shield certified:

We do not collect any health related user data.

We  do not collect any customer or user payment details.

We are not a publicly traded business.

Our security policy is based on the ISO 27001 framework.