How it works

A personalised program that provides your parents, managers and HR with tools that facilitate productivity and connection.

How the Circle In program works

We create a personalised portal and program, providing your managers and employees with 24×7 access to tools and support when they need it most. The best part is that our team manages everything, from set-up to launch to ongoing engagement, so you can sit back and watch your working parents and managers thrive.

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A platform that supports parents, managers and HR

Our program provides benefits at all levels of your organisation. Parents feel supported and connected via the portal and receive regular communication. Managers are provided timely nudges and access to your Managers Hub so they can provide the best support possible. And HR can assess the impact as well as be connected to peers and industry insights.


For parents

  • Employee real stories
  • Newsletters every 2 weeks
  • Online advice & resources
  • Mindfulness hub
  • Carers hub
  • Company policies
  • Interactive guides

For managers

  • Manager hub
  • Manager nudges
  • Online tools & resources
  • Engagement insights
  • Company policies

For HR

  • Access to insights, data & reporting
  • Monthly reports
  • Annual research report
  • Join a community of leaders
  • Peer insights 

For organisations

  • A personalised solution
  • Consistent experience for all employees
  • Globally scalable
  • Single sign on capability
  • Support when you need it
  • Privacy & security
  • Platform integrations

Heidi Philps,
Human Resources Director

Circle In is one of the best initiatives we have provided our working families. It speaks to our #ELCfamily and is well aligned with the values of our amazing organisation.

Simple to set up and maintain - we manage everything

Setting up your portal is simple and easy. In fact, we require a minimal time commitment on your side as we do all the heavy lifting! Our team can launch your fully customised portal in as little as 6 weeks (or sooner if you need!). But it doesn’t stop there, as we continue to manage your portal and drive constant enagagement. 

  • We create a bespoke portal to your needs
  • We launch and maintain your portal
  • We act as an extension to your HR team
  • We work with you ensure your working parents are engaged and supported
  • We drive cultural change through storytelling
  • We ensure your managers are engaged and supported
  • We measure your success and provide you with timely insights

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