Paritosh Dhebar: One month at Circle In

With a constantly evolving, globally scaling product, it was only a matter of time that our tech team expanded. Last month, we welcomed Paritosh Dhebar (Pari), a Junior Developer, and newest member of the Circle In team. 

Pari is a man of many skills – before joining Circle In, Pari has worked in travel consulting, sales, business development and software consulting across many startups in Australia. Hitting the ground running from day one, Pari has already embedded himself into our company culture, and led the roll-out of some key projects.  

“Pari’s addition to the team has come at a very crucial time. We’re at a stage of growth where the team will greatly benefit from diverse skill sets and creative problem solving. I’m excited to see Pari’s involvement in the next phase of Circle In’s product”, said Dave Mouser, Head of Technology and Operations at Circle In.

Pari says, “As I approach the age of considering parenthood, I want to know that I am stepping into a world where working parents are supported. What better way to do this than be part of that change!” 

We asked Pari his top three learnings from month one, and here’s what he had to say: 

  1. We live and breathe the working parent and carer mindset. This applies to internal actions for staff, products and content we create, as well as the support we offer to the broader community.
  2. Agility is key – We have constant collaboration with stakeholders and use continuous improvement and iteration at every stage to grow the business.
  3. Strong transparency and trust between founders and teams – We have the ability to freely bring up issues that we see and are encouraged to fix them or create solutions to those issues.

When Pari is not working, he is building Gundam models, improving his spoken Japanese or brewing beer. We’re excited to welcome Pari to the Circle!

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