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Circle In’s proprietary research dives into different aspects of the working parent juggle to help organisations better support their employees.

Future of Work Research

Working parents want to retain flexibility, even after the restrictions ease.


Return to Work Research

Parents form a large majority of the workforce today so it’s critical that they feel supported to pursue both their career and family aspirations.


Dads’ Parental Leave Research

Parental leave is about parents. Not just women.


Parental Leave Research

With working parents making up a significant portion of our workforce today, it is important for workplaces to invest in supporting their everyday juggle.



Actionable guides for HR professionals and line managers to foster a culture of support and flexibility across their teams and organisations.

Guide tile - Negotiating flexibility with your employees

Negotiating flexibility with your employees as you plan to return to work

How can employers provide much needed support to employees as they return to COVID normal work? Download our three-phased guide now!


Do you have your remote working guidelines in place?

To ensure a successful remote working experience for your teams, it is essential to lay down some guidelines for everyone to follow. Download our Working …


How to role model support for your working parents through COVID-19

As more working parents find themselves at home balancing a career and caring for their children full time, as manager’s, it is more important than ever to role model support for your working parents.


Manager checklist to support your team working remotely through COVID-19

With few manager tools available, we’ve developed a practical checklist for companies to use with their teams and ensure role-modelling at a senior level.


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