Lauren Winter: One month at Circle In

Our team is expanding and we’re loving it! The more the merrier, right? Last month, we welcomed Lauren Winter, team coordinator, and latest addition to the Customer Success team. One month in, we speak to Lauren on what it’s like to work at a start up and more importantly, be onboarded remotely!

Lauren joins us after a diverse range of jobs in Netball Victoria, Tennis Australia, Secret Service PR and Mushroom Group. Her degree in Communications & Business and love for working with people drew her to the role at Circle In. 

“I love working in a fast-paced environment (and with people!) so this role is the perfect fit. Entering a relatively new role in my career with a young company allows me to learn and grow with Circle In”, Lauren says.

Lauren had the unique opportunity to be onboarded on to the team remotely. The team, currently situated in different parts of Victoria, ensured that she was set up with her tech prior to her start date and equipped with regular video check-ins and how-to videos to facilitate her first 90 days and beyond. 

“The team had been super adaptable to the new way of life before I commenced my role, which made my onboarding experience really efficient. I’ve had a lot more valuable one on one time with everyone! I also love that these arrangements help me stay true to my new running program. With no commute to and from work, I’ve been able to get in 5-6km every night (and avoid going in the frosty mornings!) It has allowed me to have more control over my time and schedule.”

We asked Lauren her three big learnings from month one, and here’s what she had to say: 

1. Open and transparent communications are everything: At Circle In, you’re across everything in the business at all levels, so the communication and feedback loop is honest and transparent. It’s also great that our founders, Jodi and Kate communicate with the team regularly – you don’t get this kind of facetime with CEOs/Presidents in large organisations. 

2. Get ready for the goalposts to shift: Everything moves quite quickly, but so do opportunities to expand your knowledge and use different skills. I have been able to learn so much and so quickly, my interests have changed.

3. If you don’t make mistakes, you don’t learn: There’s a great culture of giving things a go. Even as a grad, I get to try new ways of doing things. If they don’t work, we try something else. This has given me the confidence to voice my ideas and take chances from day one.  

When Lauren’s not working, she’s out playing Netball for the Werribee League, running to keep fit or trying the new Japanese place around the corner (when the lockdown laws allow for it!). We’re excited to welcome Lauren on board and help kickstart her career with Circle In.

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