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Inspiration to look after your mental health and promote self-care every step of planning a baby, parental leave and returning to work


Reflecting on your 2020 career vision

It’s a fresh new year and a fresh new decade – a great time to review your job and/or career.

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Jodi’s perinatal anxiety story: “My experience was real and heartbreaking”

Our co-founder Jodi Geddes describes her experience with perinatal anxiety after the birth of her first child.

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The unpacking of self-acceptance

Learn to accept your whole self: the good, the bad and the awesome.

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Our co-founder, Kate, talks money and taking control of your financial wellbeing

Money, money, money: Circle In’s own Kate Pollard talks money management and why financial literacy is essential for every entrepreneur.

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CI-burnou-GX-CONS - How to avoid career burnout

Feeling the strain? How to avoid burnout

If the juggle is getting too much, here are some practical tips to respond to burnout before it takes hold.

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Can you really afford not to look after yourself?

Juggling it all and not taking any ‘me time’? Here’s your reminder to ditch the guilt and up your self-care commitment.

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Five fail-safe recipes to feed your kids

Fail-safe is a BIG claim when it comes to feeding kids. Especially small children who are busy experimenting with the boundaries of their worlds. Emily …

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Kimmy Smith, the brains behind the Fit Mummy Project app gives us five simple ways to include exercise in your day

Kimmy Smith, the brains behind the Fit Mummy Project app, gives us five simple ways to include exercise in your day

Kimmy Smith is a former professional athlete, fitness instructor and yoga teacher. She loves to help mothers build strength from the inside out so they …

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A beauty hack that doubles as ‘me time’: Yes please!

A beauty hack that doubles as ‘me time’? Yes, please!

Need a beauty hack that doubles as ‘me time’? Our friends at The BLOW have the answer, plus some hairstyle maintenance tips to get you …

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Surviving and thriving after burn out

How I regained control of my wellbeing after a career burnout

Arguably, it had been building for several years. It wasn’t triggered solely by a traumatic event, a difficult employer or burning the midnight oil. Hitting …

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