Inspiration to help you look after yourself every step of the way.


Self-care: selfish or self-preservation?

Do you find any excuse to put your family and work first? Practice self-care and create little pockets of joy in your day.

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How to connect when someone you care about is struggling

Is someone you care about struggling? Check in with them and connect to let them know you care. While you’re at it, check in with yourself too.

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Our co-founder, Kate, talks money and taking control of your financial well-being

Money, money, money: Circle In’s own Kate Pollard talks money management and why financial literacy is essential for every entrepreneur.

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The rhythms of success: Seven habits to perform at your best

Feeling out of rhythm? Incorporate these seven habits into your routine to re-energize and boost your well-being.

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Days Like These author Pip Lincolne: “Work at being the calmest person in the room”

Writer and crafter Pip Lincolne shares practical tips for remaining calm when working parent life has you frazzled.

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How I regained control of my wellbeing after a career burnout

Burnout can creep up on you if you don’t pay attention to the signals. A working mother shares her journey back from burnout.

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Kimmy Smith Fit: Five simple ways to include exercise in your day

Feel energized and body-confident with these wellbeing hacks from Kimmy Smith Fit.

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The unpacking of self-acceptance

Do you accept yourself as you are? As working parents, we must learn to be okay with our whole selves: the good, the bad, and the awesome.

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Mums: three simple steps to nurture you this Mother’s Day

Because it’s important to look after yourself on this crazy roller coaster we call motherhood.

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