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5 tips to start intentionally saving and intentionally spending

Having trouble saving? Start saving with intention and spending mindfully with our tips

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Your printable back-to-school checklist

Counting down to the first day of school? We’ve got a list for the parents and the kids to get you ready for day one.

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Define your ‘why’: Simon Sinek’s model for inspirational leadership

Bringing a little person into the world can be the trigger to contemplating some larger life questions. Our co-founder Kate Pollard explains defining your ‘why’ based on the insights of motivational speaker Simon Sinek.

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CI-famhol-GX-CONS Jodi Geddes family holiday

How Jodi Geddes’ family reconnected on vacation

Pausing daily life and reconnecting with your family on vacation is vital for work-life harmony reflects Jodi Geddes.

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Christmas gift ideas for teachers and early childhood educators

The Circle In team presents a list of thoughtful Christmas gifts that would bring cheer to teachers and early childcare educators.

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Reclaim ‘me time’ by saying yes!

Are you often overwhelmed but struggle to ask for help? Don’t let another childminding offer pass you by.

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RS-CONS-2110-Melissa MacGowan

“Have I lost it or is this menopause?”

From hot flushes and self-doubt to self-discovery: An executive working mother’s reflection on menopause.

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How to rediscover your identity

Do you ever stop to think about the person you’ve become? Might be time to unpack your self-identity.

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Lead your family with positivity in three steps

When stay-at-home restrictions and uncertainty loom large for working parents, it’s more important than ever to stay positive for your family’s sake.

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Our co-founder, Kate, talks money and taking control of your financial well-being

Money, money, money: Circle In’s own Kate Pollard talks money management and why financial literacy is essential for every entrepreneur.

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Eight reasons why you need be on LinkedIn

There’s never a more critical time to use LinkedIn than when you’re planning to go on parental leave or take an extended career break. Leah Lambart of Relaunch Me explains why.

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Work habits you can bring home

Habits we pick up at work can do wonders to make our home lives easier.

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