Real stories

Real stories from real parents to inspire you.

The secret to this solo parent’s happiness

How her relationship breakdown put a hold on Chelsie’s career — but not for long.

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A mama’s heartache of her stillborn baby girl

A family’s heartbreaking story of losing their baby to stillbirth

A heartbreaking story about baby Matilda who was born still, her family’s grief, and how to support parents who have lost a child.

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RS-CONS-2103-Magdalena Dingas - menopause

“Be kind to yourself and reach out for help”: a menopause story

Are you or a loved one making the transition through menopause? One woman wants you to know that help is out there and you’re not alone.

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I started my masters while on parental leave - Circle In

“I started my master’s on parental leave”

Thinking about studying on parental leave? It ain’t easy, but it’s possible!

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“My husband died suddenly and I have raised my 2 children by myself”

Mandy lost her husband when her children were only two and three years old. Her story will inspire you and warm your heart.

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Susie Hopkins on her son’s autism diagnosis and her own well-being

How to achieve less stress and more wellbeing when caring for a child with additional needs? Susie Hopkins, solo mum, shares her story.

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RS-CONS-2003-Jodi Geddes and Jackie Cryan

Jodi’s personal story of 3 generations of strong women

Jodi Geddes and mum Jackie reflect on three generations of strong women in their family.

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Jenny Lumley: “Having a strong support network is key”

Surrounding herself with people who are caring, understanding, and positive has been key for Jenny Lumley as she navigates a new phase in her life.

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Perinatal infant loss and how Julie Legrand handled her grief

Julie Legrand on losing her twins in pregnancy, the joy that followed, and life in the Swiss Alps

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RS-CONS-2201-Renee Knight PNDA (rewrite)

14 steps to help you return to work after perinatal anxiety or depression

How to return to work after PNDA while ensuring your mental health remains a priority.

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RS-CONS-2112-Carolyn Hammond

Carolyn Hammond on no regrets parenting

Ever wondered about juggling work and parenting abroad? Step into this British expat’s shoes to learn how she does it.

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RS-CONS-2011-Jacqui Cummins CCA

“I love my baby, so why do I feel so sad?” A mother’s postnatal depression story

Jacqui’s brave account of her journey to a postnatal depression diagnosis, and adjusting back to work after parental leave.

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