A purpose driven start-up, founded by
two women


Caring for people is a natural, ever-present part of life. It can be happy, it can be hard but we know it will always be unquestionably human. We help organizations ensure that their parents and caregivers, across all life stages, are equipped with the tools to stay connected, feel supported and most importantly, to feel like they’re not alone. This is how we are creating a better world for working parents and caregivers, both now and for the future.

Jodi Geddes and Kate Pollard, co-founders



More than 55 progressive companies across the globe and growing!


Investment from high profile VCs and investors.

200,000+ families

Supporting more than 200,000 families.


Our localised portals can now be found in more than 11 countries.

Having a career and being a parent are not mutually exclusive. Our aim is to build a better world for working parents by providing the support they need for their everyday juggle.

Our journey so far

A system in need of fixing

Starting with stories

Going from ideas to action

From local to global

Isolation and rapid implementation

Towards a better working world

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