Investing in caregivers to build a better working world

Circle In is a digital-first employee benefits platform that provides on-demand access to expert advice for caregiving employees and their managers at every life stage.

How does it work?

Jodi Geddes and Kate Pollard, Co-founders of Circle In explain

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Support for your


HR Teams

Working Parents

in the moments that matter

We provide support, expert advice, and enable leaders to maintain meaningful connections with their team. This provides managers with a skill set that few know how to handle. 

A global employee benefits platform that enables you to deliver a consistent employee experience, whilst reducing reactive workloads. Employee benefits are moving towards personalization and customization, the Circle In platform delivers both.

The needs of working parents are always changing. Whether they are expecting, on leave, or experiencing guilt as a working parent. Circle In is there to guide employees through each stage, providing the right support at the right moment.

Automated nudges across key life stages.

Manager support
Conversation guides support managers across parenthood and caregiving.

Real business impact
A solution that will deliver best-in-class ROI. Taking your engagement, productivity, and employee retention to new heights.

Superior reporting
Receive monthly and annual insights reports, so you can track the metrics that matter. Allowing you to support changes based on what your people actually need.

Easy implementation
Simple and fast to implement, deploy Circle In across your organization, driving results and impact.

Centralized information
Centralized benefits, policies, and company-specific information.

Real community stories
Real community stories to inspire others.

Range of resources
Data-backed, diverse and inclusive content designed to support, inform and inspire.

Access to over 700 all inclusive resources

700+ resources spanning six life stages

Content curated for each user

Access to on-demand webinars

Real community stories to inspire others

See the platform in action