Christmas gift ideas for teachers and childcare support

So you’ve bought gifts for everyone in the family and now are in need of gifts for school teachers and childcare aides. Naturally, you take to the streets or do a “gift ideas for teachers” Google search in an attempt to find that perfect gift. Something that shows your appreciation for their tireless efforts while not being tacky or just gathers dust on their shelf. Having done this for a few years now we have a few winning picks from the team at Circle In.

Under $50

  • A picture book for the class teacher: This is a great collective class present. Get all the kids to draw pictures of their teacher and turn it into a book. This will make for a wonderful and personal keepsake! 
  • Seed presents: A simple, sustainable gift that says, “thank you for helping me grow!” (yes, we do love a good pun!)  
  • Cards with a purpose: Organisations like Oxfam often create cute and quirky cards that, upon purchase, will donate their proceeds to a charitable cause. 
  • Personalised gifts: You can keep it simple by personalising an everyday item of use like a bookmark or a fridge magnet. Our friends at Arlo & Co. make a beautiful range of products that will delight the carer, coach or teacher.  
  • Homemade treats: Making your own jams, biscuits or decorative gingerbread and wrapping them in lovely little packages is a nice way to say “thank you!” too.

Between $50 – $100

  • Local delights: Purchase vouchers from cafes or lunch spots near your child’s school or childcare for the staff to enjoy during their breaks. 
  • Utility-based presents: To encourage more constructive play in the classroom or at childcare, give gifts that can be used with the children. Story Stones are a popular pick among the Circle In parents (make sure you gift these a few weeks before Christmas to make the most of the present!)
  • Surprise deliveries: Deliver a box of donuts or chocolate hampers to the staff room a few weeks prior to end-of-year so that the staff can enjoy a treat in the tearoom.

Over $100

We love hearing about other amazing gift ideas for this special group of people who play such a crucial role in our kids’ lives. Write in and share your ideas with us! 

Written by the Circle In team.

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