Five simple wardrobe tips to help your morning routine

Five simple wardrobe tips to help your morning routine

Want to reclaim your personal style and save time in the morning? Marta Buchanan of Her Dress shares her top tips for curating your work wardrobe with minimal time and effort.

There’s nothing worse than scrambling to get dressed before rushing out the door unhappy with your look. Here are five simple steps to help you look stylish and put together without the morning stress.

1. Everything should have a place and be easy to find
All your wardrobe items should have a designated space. That space should be able to accommodate your collection. If it doesn’t, you either have too many pieces or you need to find a new space. After you wear or launder items, return them to their space so you know where they are and never waste precious time searching for them.

2. Keep your wardrobe simple
Do an edit. Less is more. Time and time again we wear the same pieces on rotation anyway. The less clutter and options you have, the quicker it will be to make a selection.

3. Accessorise
Accessories can change one outfit into many. Jewellery, bags, scarves, belts and tights can transform an outfit from corporate to casual, from day to night and from bland to amazing. If you don’t have the knack yet, do a little online research and try out what you learn at home. Accessories are the most cost-effective way to add the latest trends to your wardrobe. For example, when plaid is in fashion, don’t buy a new plaid shirt, just add a plaid scarf to your wardrobe and you can instantly update all your existing outfits.

4. Lay out the night before
If you’re really time poor, lay out your outfit including accessories the night before. Make it a habit by buying a stand alone clothes rack (IKEA ones are great), and hang up your outfits for the week. That way you can have five outfits ready to go. Remember to tuck your shoes under and pop accessories into a translucent drawstring bag that you can hang over a coat hanger. This is also a fantastic way to pack for a holiday!

5. Have a wardrobe clean out
If it doesn’t fit anymore, get rid of it. If it still has the tag after a year in your wardrobe, move it on. If you don’t like it, don’t keep it. If it doesn’t make you happy, find it a new home. If you forgot you had it, chances are you never missed it. The beauty is, some of these items will be worth something so think about selling them through consignment stores or donating to a worthwhile charity. 

Written by Marta Buchanan. Marta is a curator of new and pre-loved designer pieces, and the owner of Her Dress. Her Dress is an Instagram store that sells designer pieces on consignment, returning value back into your purse so you can reinvest into your next piece.

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