How to nail a well-curated wardrobe – without spending a fortune

Creating a cohesive and stylish wardrobe takes time and persistence. The thought of finding ‘the right’ pieces for you can be daunting in itself. Add another layer of post baby body….. the transition of returning to work…..and your tummy starts to churn.

Creating a clever return to work wardrobe doesn’t have to be a scary process. A well-curated wardrobe will be your confidence booster. You don’t have to buy a completely new wardrobe or spend a fortune. In many cases, everything you need is right in front of you. You just need to put time aside to be able to go through your existing pieces.

The process begins by pulling out those work clothes you once wore and trying them on. Try on different combinations and take pictures as you go, so you remember each outfit you put together.

Don’t just look at a piece of clothing and decide you don’t like it anymore, actually try it on. See how it fits to your body and see if you can pair it with something else you might have in your wardrobe. You will be surprised how you can reinvent new looks through this process.

Check all pieces are still in good working order. For example, if a hem is down, sew it up or take it to an expert. Don’t use tape thinking that will work. Remember this is about having pride and empowerment in your appearance when you are at work. It only takes 30 seconds for someone to sum you up, so make it a good impression.

Make a list of pieces you will need to purchase at a later date to enhance what you already have. This way when you hit the shops you will make smart choices, not impulse buys.

Having core pieces in your wardrobe is the key. These pieces can be easily mixed and matched, to create multiple ensembles. You can use accessories to dress up or down, add colour or completely change a look from the same key pieces.

Following these simple steps can save you an un-measurable amount of time and fuss each busy mama day. The planning and organisation of a well-organised wardrobe is your weapon against design on the run outfits.

If you feel a little overwhelmed by the whole thought of opening up your wardrobe, then hire an expert like me and I will guide you through it. I will actually make it fun and empowering, so you will feel a new found love for your clothes. No more wardrobe jitters!!

Written by Tors Innes, Personal Stylist at The Personal Styler. Inspiring women through all stages of motherhood to embrace their bodies with style and confidence. Aiming to take away the anxiety around body shape and image. Find The Personal Styler on Facebook and Instagram.

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