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Infographic: The impact of menopause on the workforce

Key stats highlighting the issues faced at work by women experiencing menopause.

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Report: Menopause and the workplace

One in eight women steps away from their job during their menopause journey. Circle In uncovers the isolating experience of menopause at work.

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5 things to look out for in your employees as we return to the office (or not)

How can leaders and organisations support employees as they plan a return to the office?

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Welcoming back an employee (or colleague) after pregnancy loss

We’re great at celebrating positive milestones but what about when things don’t go to plan? Here are some practical ways to offer support.

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Are your managers setup to support your carers?

This National Carers Week, we discuss three quick wins for your managers to better support carers on their team.

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Why parental leave shouldn’t be a no-man’s land

We speak to Rob Sturrock, Blake Woodward and Michael Ray on their trailblazing fatherhood journeys.

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How Medibank launched a support group for working parents

Launching a support group for working parents? Then look no further. We take an up close look at Medibank’s working parents’ support group and steps to starting your own.

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Doing D&I right: A spotlight on L’Oréal Australia

Ever wonder how world leading brands cultivate a sense of belonging in their workforce? L’Oréal Australia reveals the best practice blazing a trail in D&I.

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Diversity and inclusion – not just a stop-gap solution for COVID-19

What we love about our customers is that they all see diversity and inclusion as business critical. For them, supporting working families is a no brainer.

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