Our favourite apps for getting things done

Our favourite apps for getting things done

We love hearing about new apps or favourite hacks to make work and home life easier, and love discussing what we’re using right now. So, check out our go-tos below, and what we’re using at Circle In HQ for getting things done.

Drop us a line at hello@circlein.com to let us know what your fave app or hack is right now. We’d love to add to our list!


Artkive is fantastic at organising and collating all the girls’ artwork. Having two crafty little people means we have sooo much art and craft happening, so this is a great way to make sure we have a record of all their creativity. Plus we can then create books at the end of the year, or gifts whenever we need.

We use Spotify all the time with the kids: they have their own playlists, and also playlists for us as a family. We basically have music on constantly, which helps limit the screen time requests and really calms the house too. We also use the mindfulness tracks for wind-down in the evening with the girls. We even use it in the office every day as well!


I know so many people use Slack for keeping their work stuff organised, but I have also set up a personal channel where I store recipes. There are so many times when friends share great healthy food recipes for kids. So, I save links under a kid’s recipes channel so I don’t lose them. #gamechanger

WhatsApp is super practical, I know, but I use it for all of the school and pre-school groups to stay connected with parents. The mental load is huge and WhatsApp is the easiest way to keep on top of what’s happening or get someone to pick up my child when I’m running a bit late!


1 Second Everyday is a video journal app encouraging you to take a snapshot of your day in video format. Pop the videos in the app each day and compile a week, month, year of your life to look back on. I love doing this with my family, even if we take a snapshot of the mundane: walking to school or preparing dinner. When we compile the videos at the end of each month or year—which also includes all the fun stuff too—it’s a great recap for all of us to talk about what we did, where we went and our favourite moments.

My kids’ school uses Seesaw as a way for teachers and students to record and share what’s happening in the classroom. I love this app as I can see what the kids get up to at school when I’m working. This is also a great way to strike up conversations with them, rather than hearing the usual ‘I forgot’ or ‘stuff’ as the reply to my standard question, ‘What did you do at school today?’  Seeing what they did in the Seesaw app initiates conversation because they remember and elaborate further.


There are so many photo editing apps out there, but Snapseed is one of my favourites for editing images on the go. The app is simple to use, intuitive and offers so many options for enhancement and image manipulation—so easy to adjust white balance and edit filters too.

For colour manipulation on short video clips, though, I go for Colourtone. So easy to make simple colour or brightness edits and apply filters too, which can take those boomerangs or short clips to a new level and be Insta-ready in a second!

Definitely not a glam new app, but my partner and I use a shared reminder list for our groceries and market needs. We both add to it whenever we realise we’re running low on something (or ask Alexa to do it!). It sounds so simple but it makes a massive difference time-wise. Pre-shop I group the items into where they’re located in the supermarket for a speedy whip around. Then with coffee in hand we get it done.


Canva for creating all kinds of graphics on the go, including those birthday party invites! There are so many ready to use (and free) templates to make use of, and the desktop app is so easy to use.

FiLMiC Pro is a fave as it’s the most advanced video camera for mobile, with a manual camera interface which photographers just love!


I’ve trialled a few guided meditation apps and Headspace wins hands down. As a beginner, I found it so easy to get started with Headspace. As much as I would love to develop my meditation practice further and explore other styles, with three young kids I struggle to commit to regular sessions outside home. Headspace is effortless to use, and helps me maintain regular meditation practice, which makes me feel much more like my pre-kids chilled-out self. The kids have learnt not to disturb me when it’s running—though they will often curl up quietly in my lap!

If your kids’ school isn’t using Seesaw, I’d be talking to them about getting on board! Seesaw is a digital portfolio aimed at keeping parents in the loop on classroom activities and your child’s progress over time. I love getting alerts in real time on what’s happening in class. I can comment immediately or use it as a catalyst for striking up a conversation about school with my son when he gets home. It’s student driven so my son is super engaged and learning how to read to camera and present his work confidently. Winner all round!


JSHealth offers easy, quick recipes that are suitable for the whole family. Plus, you can easily menu plan and create shopping lists.

I find it very hard to switch off at the end of the day and almost get a second wind late in the evening. So, to wind down I do a five to 10 minute guided meditation with the Headspace app, for sleep every night. My husband has also started doing it with me. It helps both of us get a more rested sleep and handle the early morning wake-up.

Written by the team at Circle In

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