Reach out to grandparents for child care help from afar

If your family’s separated by distance, there’s an opportunity to get creative about connection time. It’s been proven that strong bonds with secondary caregivers encourage healthy development in kids. Grandparents in particular can be positive influences, providing kids with a sense of cultural heritage, belonging, and family history, not to mention they can throw a lifeline to time-poor parents. 

So, when physical contact isn’t possible, grandparents can still help in many ways.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Have a conversation with your child’s grandparents and get their ideas on how they can help. 
  • Show them any apps and school programs the kids use so they can give useful homework help and understand what kids are up to at school.
  • Set aside half an hour for story time. This can be your child reading aloud, grandparents reading to the kids or, if you’re really lucky, a retelling of some stories from the past.
  • Encourage your child to get on line and talk to their grandparents about what they’ve been doing, what they’re enjoying or where they need some help.
  • When you’re under work pressure, have a grandparent cued up to FaceTime or Skype the kids.
  • Do a physical activity online with a grandparent, e.g. play a game, interview or quiz each other or bake a cake following the same recipe.

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