The Unsaid

Leading with empathy when there’s no support:
a manager’s dilemma

By Circle In

A staggering 97% of managers Circle In surveyed in August 2022 said they had recently supported a team member to navigate a challenging life issue such as death, burnout, divorce or family violence.

We heard from over 500 managers across industries and organization sizes and the data is clear: managers are helping individuals enduring difficult personal circumstances like never before.

In fact, 50% of managers say supporting their team members dealing with complex life issues is now a major part of their role and 75% saying the support needed has increased because of COVID-19.

The magnitude of what managers are being asked to do is a stark reminder of the duty of care workplaces have to create caring workplaces and ensure all their employees are supported.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Plus, we’ve included recommendations for organizations to upskills their managers so they can support their teams with empathy.

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