The Personal Styler’s top 5 styling tips for working mothers

The Personal Styler’s top 5 styling tips for working mothers

Hey, hardworking mums. Hands up who jumps for joy every morning when she opens her wardrobe?

Most of us love the idea of being an always fabulous, fashion-forward working mother, never having to compromise on style just because we’re a parent. But in reality, we all struggle (if only sometimes) to find something to wear that is comfortable yet chic, and relatively void of unidentified stains put there by the kids, before wrangling said kids through the morning routine and turning on work-face.

We have all had the experience of putting on that special something that makes us look and feel fabulousa version of you but slightly elevated, lighter and more authentic! Appearance has a huge impact on how you are perceived and, in turn, how you perceive yourself.

Whether you’re re-entering the workforce, going for that promotion or mastering your working week, the daily ritual of getting dressed can also be your little piece of sanitythe ritual of youwhilst the rest of the day is dedicated to world domination.

So, here are my top five tips for nailing your style every day, and ensuring you feel confident and composed for the working week.

Tip #1 – Body shape
Wear clothes that suit your body shape. After kids, we realise our body truly changes. So instead of fighting it, accept your new silhouette and focus on highlighting the positives.

Tip #2 – Personal style
Don’t forget to incorporate a bit of you in your corporate wardrobe. If you love colour, add colour. Have fun with accessorising: add a scarf, necklace or earrings. Enjoy it and let a bit of your personality come through, but remember to keep it simpleone or two items only, and don’t let it complicate your outfit.

Tip #3 – Quality of clothing
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get quality. When you have a style that suits your shape and the fabric is right for you, the quality will shine through.

Tip #4 – Save time
Outfit planning is a good way to prevent those dreaded ‘what am I going to wear?’ mornings. Let’s face it, this happens nearly every morning, right? When it gets to this, you end up in the trap of wearing the same thing over, and over and not feeling confident for the day ahead. Plan your outfit in advance. The benefits are abundant: saves time, no more stressful morning wardrobe decisions, more sleep, and (most importantly) more time to hang with the kids before work!

Tip #5 – Good grooming
Within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone, he or she has already formed an impression of you. So why not make this impression a positive one. Always looking wellpresented is imperative: think wellpressed clothes, clean shoes, hemmed trousers, and cuffs to the correct length. And always remember to dress appropriately for the job.

Try applying these five tips to your wardrobe, and you will feel empowered and ready to conquer your day.

Written by Tors, Personal Stylist at The Personal Styler. Inspiring women through all stages of motherhood to embrace their bodies with style and confidence. Aiming to take away the anxiety around body shape and image. Find The Personal Styler on Facebook and Instagram.

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