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Travelling for work when pregnant with twins

Travelling when pregnant is generally safe. However, soon-to-be mothers of twins should consider other factors and limitations before travelling, especially when your travel is work-related. To guarantee your safety and the welfare of your unborn twins, we have some tips and things to consider.

Consider your condition
First, understand the symptoms and complications of multiple pregnancies so you can better equip yourself when situations call for it.

  • More severe pregnancy symptoms: Every pregnancy is different. Since you are carrying twins, you can expect the usual symptoms of pregnancy to be more severe, especially in the first trimester.
  • Preterm birth: Twins and multiples are at higher risk of preterm birth. Premature babies are often small, underweight, and very vulnerable to infections.
  • Gestational hypertension: Hypertension is often normal during pregnancy. However, it tends to develop earlier and can be more severe for mothers carrying twins. This can increase the risk of placental abruption or the early detachment of the placenta that serves as the lifeline of your babies.
  • Cord entanglement: For twins that share one amniotic sac, this complication is more common. Thus, a close monitoring of the twins is necessary.

The well-being of your twins should be your main priority at all times. This is why your diet and your activities, including travel, should be organised according to your condition. Before you make any travel arrangements, it is important that you consult with your midwife or doctor first, even if your career depends on it.

If you are suffering from common or more severe first trimester symptoms, it is important to minimise your stress levels. This is the period of development of your twins. It is essential that you look after your physical and emotional health to avoid complications or miscarriage.

Make your pregnancy known in your workplace
Telling your boss and letting everyone in your workplace know that you are pregnant can help ease some stress caused by your job, especially if you are pregnant with twins. This is not to ask for special treatment at work, this is simply information for your boss to make work arrangements that will not harm you and your unborn babies.

Plan travel arrangements and itineraries
After getting an approval from your midwife or doctor, you should plan your travel and itinerary accordingly. For instance, choose an aisle seat near the toilets when you travel by plane. This will allow you easy access to the bathroom every time you need to go.

Remember, to avoid stress, you should be as comfortable as possible, and your activities should not include anything that can put you and your babies at risk. For example, avoid standing too long when you have to deliver a speech in a work meeting, or walking too much in the sun if your work includes checking facilities and offices.

Proper preparation is key
Aside from understanding your condition and making travel arrangements accordingly, there are other essential preparations you will need to make. These include ensuring you have insurance that will cover any emergency incident during your travel, knowing the nearest health care clinic or hospital at your destination, proper vaccinations against possible infectious diseases, and packing everything that you need for comfortable and safe travel.

You can travel when you are pregnant with twins, but it requires careful planning. Most airlines have definite rules and restriction in terms of permitting pregnant women to travel. You should be fully informed about these so that you can better prepare for your travel. Restrictions may also apply when you travel by land or sea. Always be on the safe side and consult your doctor.

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