What do you have planned for the school vacation?

School vacation is upon us and if you’re anything like us, you’re constantly looking for things to do. Ideally, something that’s fun for the whole family and light on the pocket. 

Here’s an idea – make a list of activities and drop them into two jars: a ‘save’ jar and a ‘splurge’ jar. On any given day, make your kids pick from either jar and go enjoy the activity.

Activities for your ‘save’ jar

  • Discover a new playground: Drive to a nearby neighborhood and find a new playground. It changes up the scenery for your kids and they might even make some new friends!
  • Shop your wardrobe: It’s always fun playing dress-up! Dig deep to find some old clothes and make fun costumes and storylines that go with them. 
  • A cook-out: If your kids are after a special treat, go down to the shops and buy a batch of pre-mix brownies or cookies and bake them together. (If you’re a no-sweet household, you can buy all the ingredients and make your own pizzas for peanuts too!) 
  • Movie time: If you’ve exhausted all the kids’ movies on Netflix, rent a movie from iTunes, pop some popcorn, and have an afternoon in. 
  • Get dough-ey: Making your own playdough is not only easy but the end result is softer, lasts longer, and is a much cheaper affair! We recommend this six-ingredient recipe.

Activities for your ‘splurge’ jar

  • DIY kites: Run down to the craft store and pick up materials to make your own kites. Take them for a test run in your nearby park and make a day of it.
  • Zoos and museums: Annual memberships for zoos and museums are usually good value for money if you plan to go more than four or five times a year. 
  • Crafternoon fun: Buy some paints and allow your kids to explore their creative side. Paint a vase, a cushion cover, or each other’s faces!
  • Play centers and bowling alleys: This is a good one for rainy afternoons when you’re itching to get out of your home but stay indoors. Nothing like a rainy day to get a little competitive with some bowling games. Be sure to check online if pre-bookings or masks are required.
  • Farmers’ markets: Head down to your local farmers’ market to test out the local produce or buy some secondhand books! 

What are some other activities that you enjoy doing with your kids on vacation?

Written by the Circle In team.

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