Work habits you can bring home

Being a working parent means working around the clock. Whether you’re all for leaving your work at work or complete work-life integration there are habits you develop at work that can help streamline your personal life too. 

The Circle In team shares their top working habits that are transferable to home life.

Organize your day in time blocks

You may find that you lose your concept of work versus home time after having a child. Learning to organize your day in time blocks around both schedules can help you find time you didn’t think you had. If your four-year-old has a gymnastics lesson and it’s your turn to take him, what can you do during the one hour while you wait? Can you finish off some work and check something off your work to-do list? Can you research your next holiday? Work flexible tasks into your everyday life so that you’re not overwhelmed during weeks with important deadlines. 

Use productivity apps to organize your life

Are you in a workplace where productivity apps are rolled out by the dozen? There’s a reason these apps are so popular at work. As their name suggests, they make you more productive! Who’s to say this can’t translate to your home life? Set up a Trello board of cards for all your to-dos with everything from vaccinations and doctors visits to Christmas shopping lists. Add due dates so you know when you need to get tasks done, and try your best to stay on top of them. Attaching dates to your chores helps you prioritize and move things around easily if needed, keeping you sane! 

Share learnings with your partner

This is an important one! Do you know how we’re always writing project closure reports at work? We’re not asking you to produce a 10-page document at home, rather take a step back and reflect after some small wins or difficult days. Did adding a banana make mealtime easier? Make a mental note and share it with your partner when you’re winding down for the day. You’re a team and working towards the same goal: Raising a beautiful child. Communicate openly and share learnings to make things easier for each other. 

Maintain a calm demeanor at all times

If you wouldn’t lose your cool with your co-worker in a professional environment, you certainly shouldn’t lose it with your partner at home. We know what it’s like to run on low, interrupted sleep — particularly with a baby in the house, but if you can muster up the energy to hold it together at work, you should try your best to do so at home too. Pay attention to escalating emotions, call it out, stop and breathe, and apologize to diffuse the situation.

A lot of this is easier said than done, but have a crack and see if there’s a habit waiting to be formed. Have more work habits you’d like to bring home? Leave us a comment.

Written by the Circle In team.

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