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5 minutes with General Manager Experience & Culture at Lendi Group, Annaliese van Riet

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Circle In is proud to announce our partnership with Lendi Group. In just 35 days from saying yes to partnering with us, the latest Australian tech success story is set up and running with Circle In. For Lendi Group, it’s not about a one-size-fits-all approach to supporting their caregivers, it’s about creating a culture of inclusivity and belonging for all of their people. 

Here are some highlights from a recent chat between Co-Founder of Circle In, Jodi Geddes, and General Manager Experience & Culture at Lendi Group, Annaliese van Riet.

Why was it important for you to invest in a platform such as Circle In?

Lendi Group has quite a diverse mix of caregiver types across the business, which is something we fully embrace. 

From my own experience as well, I think the term ‘caregiver’ just seems to be the title given to parents of newborns and babies when actually it’s a lot broader than that. 

We started the journey on revamping things with our newly launched parental leave policy which really spoke to the diversity of our people, the types of families that we have, whether that’s solo, two parents, same-sex, foster, adoption, birth, supporting elderly parents, those who have disabled siblings or children, etc. well beyond the fixed construct of ‘parent with a baby’. We were eager to find something that would speak to all types of caregivers across our organisation.

We also recently launched our ‘Flex First’ ways of working, and we’re doing a whole lot of work around diversity, inclusion, and belonging as well. We felt that the Circle In platform enabled us to really tie all of that together and allow us to create a very inclusive culture here at Lendi Group, particularly for caregivers who is a large portion of our people.

What are you most excited about regarding the Circle In platform?

Lendi Group is a tech business at heart, we’re very entrepreneurial, we’ve come from very entrepreneurial beginnings across the business in Australia. We felt there was that alignment with Circle In as well, that it’s very much a tech-enabled solution for our caregivers. 

I think it’s really important in today’s society (where we have very little time) that our people can consume content on the go. We felt that Circle In enables our caregivers to be able to access great content that’s relevant to them and can access it when they need it.

I also know that people want discreet access to resources. There may be things going on in their world in terms of caregiving, or scenarios they may be preparing for, where they don’t want to knock on the Experience & Culture team’s door for advice or support. Equally, they may not be in a position to be able to talk to their people leader about it. We felt that Circle In really opens up the channels of communication very early when people need it. 

I also love the support it provides for those who are on particular caregiver journeys such as transitioning into, during, and coming back from parental leave. Not only does it provide the team member with access to the right content, but it also provides their people leader with access to content so they can play a vital role in supporting their team member’s successful transition.

What does success look like for you in supporting your families and caregivers?

It looks like a load of users who have signed up and are logging in, telling us that they found an article inspiring or perhaps would like to contribute to their own journey. We’re already seeing examples of people wanting to share their story which is great. I think just seeing that real uplift in the personalised support that our people get will be a great outcome. 

For me, the ultimate success factor is seeing our leaders evolve in that way and knowing that they are able to support all types of caregivers. That for me is key in all of this. 

We are incredibly excited to welcome you to our Circle. You summed it up beautifully in that you’re one of the most progressive companies, forward-thinking, and we’re really excited to be welcoming all of your working caregivers. Thank you for your leadership and your support, and we look forward to a very successful partnership.

We are thrilled to welcome Lendi Group to our Circle and look forward to supporting their people in all of the moments that matter.

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