5 minutes with Human Resources Director at Organon ANZ, Sophie Althans

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Circle In is so proud to welcome Organon ANZ to our Circle. Organon ANZ is the first pharmaceutical company to partner with Circle In, championing women’s health. 

Here are some highlights from a recent chat between our Sales Manager, Ric Arber, and Human Resources Director at Organon ANZ, Sophie Althans.

Why was it important for you to invest in a platform such as Circle In?

Organon ANZ is a healthcare company dedicated to the health of women. Well-being is such a big factor in what we do every day, so we really wanted to support that well-being journey, both inside and outside of work. 

At Organon ANZ, we’ve created a people-first culture, where every employee can bring their best self to work every day. We really wanted to extend the benefits offered to our employees, so that we could support them as a team member, a parent, a manager, or a caregiver, in a way that’s accessible to them every day. 

I’m feeling really proud about this launch.

What problem is Circle In solving for Organon ANZ?

Organon ANZ is a very young company, we’re not even a year old yet, so we see this as a really exciting opportunity as we build and shape our organization to continue to evolve our employee experience further and really provide relevant, interactive resources for every stage of employee’s life and every stage of their journey. We felt we wanted to build this early on as we develop Organon ANZ further. 

What excites you most about the platform and the partnership with Circle In?

Our hope is really that we continue to drive and encourage that open and honest conversation within our teams, as well as provide thoughtful support and expert advice for our managers. 

We’re really wanting to build manager capability and team capability and having those vulnerable, meaningful conversations, sharing their own stories, and learning from each other on what their individual journeys look like and how they can support each other as a broader community. 

What does success look like for you in supporting your families and caregivers?

Success is founded on having access to information, support, and guidance, both inside of work and outside, so our employees and managers can really thrive in what they do every day, and flourish.

Also, managers feeling really equipped with the capability to better support their team members through their unique journeys, and build our diversity further in terms of the support that we’re giving our employees, helping everybody succeed.

What was it ultimately about Circle In that allowed you to move ahead?

I love that Circle In is a global company, but also very much works as a boutique company too, so tailors our needs and evolves the offering with the ideas that we raise and the suggestions that we’re looking to solve in the future as well. It was that partnership that we had early on that really helped. 

I also loved the offering of the wellbeing hub and I think that that ties very closely into the well-being strategy that we’re driving across Organon ANZ.

We are proud to welcome Organon ANZ to our Circle and look forward to supporting their people in all of the moments that matter.

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