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[Infographic] The impact of menopause on the workforce

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Nearly one in two working women experiencing menopause consider retiring or taking a break from work, reveals Circle In’s research, Driving the change: Menopause and the workplace.

Our 2021 survey, conducted with the support of the Victorian Women’s Trust, found that 83% of respondents said that menopause was negatively affecting their work, while 76% called for better employer support.

The report has uncovered the impact this ‘taboo’ subject is having on women in the workplace and that organisations need to step up with support at this important life stage.

The results also showed that:

  • 57% of those whose work was negatively affected said the impact was a drop in overall confidence.
  • 73% stated stress and anxiety were higher.
  • 45% of respondents said they considered retiring or taking a break from work when their menopausal symptoms were severe. 28% of those went through with it.
  • Only 3% of respondents felt that they had received ‘excellent’ support from their workplace during menopause. 60% said support was ‘poor’ or ‘below average’.
  • 70% of women who have experienced menopause would not feel comfortable talking to their manager about their challenges or needs… 
  • …yet 52% said that their manager’s awareness would have been a great support to them during this transition.

Alongside the study, we’ve compiled guidelines for employers seeking to drive change in their own organisations, including advice on raising awareness, better equipping managers, and creating a framework for flexibility.

Download the full Circle In report, Driving the Change: Menopause and the Workplace, and employer guidelines here.

menopause infographic

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