Why and how to create space for important conversations

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From the initial parenting announcement to planning their first day back, these big life moments can generate mixed emotions. Every situation will differ, so keep the focus on the employee and stay open in your communication style.

When supporting a working parent, be prepared to guide at least three important conversations:

  • Congratulations! How would you like to share the good news with the team?
  • We’re here to support you. Let’s schedule a time to create your parental leave plan. 
  • Everyone has different needs. Let’s chat about what a confident return to work will look and feel like for you. 

In addition to those three key conversations, ongoing chats will continue to arise before they go on leave, during their leave, and throughout the first year of their return. You’ll need to welcome discussions about:

  • Their plans and expectations for the remainder of the pregnancy (doctor’s appointments, paid time off, other leave, etc.) 
  • Handover plans and a suitable farewell event 
  • Personal and professional check-ins during their leave period, including preferred communication channels and frequency
  • Follow-ups regarding their experience during pregnancy, leave and return

Download our guide on how to have great conversations here.

Note: Be advised that as a manager, you should always remain mindful of employee privacy rights. Let them come to you with medical information (i.e. do not solicit it from them); requesting medical information from your employees may give the impression that taking leave will negatively impact career prospects.

Circle In are proud to have partnered with Gemma Saunders, Founder of Workplace Edit, to develop this resource.

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