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I’m Just Back At Work

Advice and tools to help you navigate your career in the first year back at work after parental leave


Finding and loving your personal brand

Are you living your values? Define your personal brand and tell the world who you truly are.

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I want to return to my old role but things have changed

Back from parental leave and the terms of your role have changed. Legal experts Holding Redlich offer practical advice.

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Defining your why

Bringing a little person into the world can be the trigger to contemplating some larger life questions. Our co-founder Kate Pollard explains defining your ‘why’ based on the insights of motivational speaker Simon Sinek.

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Mother’s guilt: is it real or make believe?

Mother’s guilt: is it real or make believe?

Belinda Allitt shares her story of facing mother’s guilt head-on and kicking those negative thoughts to the kerb.

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Feeding your baby when you return to work

Still breastfeeding? We explain the rules in Australia that allow you to feed your child or express in the workplace.

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CI-rebcon-GX-CONS-tips to rebuild confidence

Tips to rebuild your confidence after parental leave

Lacking in confidence after a career break? Follow our expert tips to rebuild confidence, be your best self and thrive in your job.

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The changing shape of support for working grandparents

Grandparents are often the preferred providers of care for children whose parents are working. But many are juggling work and care commitments, too.

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Why aren’t more men taking parental leave?

More than ever, dads are demanding parental leave—yet uptake remains low. We look at what’s holding men back from family life.

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Five things I learnt about flexible working

How can you work successfully and support your family? Dad-of-two Blake Woodward looks at ways to approach flexibility.

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CI-slvrbl-GX-CONS-No silver bullet: Simple advice for returning to work

No silver bullet: Simple advice for returning to work

How one conversation with an executive who returned to work after twins changed Jodi Geddes’ perspective.

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