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I’m just back at work

Advice and tools to help you navigate your career in the first year back at work after parental leave


How to rediscover your identity

Do you ever stop to think about the person you’ve become? Maybe it’s time to pause and unpack your self-identity?…

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Creating and maintaining strong professional networks

Maintaining your professional networks has never been more important for working parents. We explore the practical ways on how to maintain your professional networks and visibility on parental leave with expert Michelle Redfern.

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Welcoming mums back to work: a guide for managers and parents

The ‘return to work after maternity leave’ — Note to managers

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Messy play bingo: how many have you checked off?

Simple messy play activities for time-poor parents, plus ideas to limit the mess.

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What does working flexibly really mean?

Thinking about working flexibly? It helps to understand the many faces of flexibility in the workplace. Let’s take a look.

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Thinking about returning to work flexibly during isolation? These tips will help you

Thinking about your return to work after parental leave, but unsure what impact COVID-19 will have? Here’s where to start.

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How to get sexual intimacy back on track

Lacking spark in the bedroom after kids? You’re not alone. Tips to get your sexual intimacy back on track from a relationship expert.

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How to say no without feeling guilty

When was the last time you said ‘no’ to your work colleague, manager, partner, child or parent without feeling a case of the guilts? Tips to have you saying no without that guilty feeling.

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Who said career satisfaction is outside your comfort zone?

New challenge or unnecessary stress? Why staying in your comfort zone at work can be a good thing for working parents.

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How to share the load as a working parent

Are you a working parent struggling with the juggle? Discover these tips for sharing the load with your partner from a working mum-of-six.

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