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Dads seeking more flex: breadwinning and caregiving are not mutually exclusive

In a post COVID-19 world, dads want the freedom and flexibility to create their workday to align with their parenting duties.

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Flexible working – no longer a nice-to-have HR initiative

This year’s flexible working day, we’re taking a step back to reflect on the last few months and what the ‘workforce of the future’ means to us.

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Have your leaders been thrust into managing their teams remotely?

A guide to ensuring that your team is safe, productive and connected.

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Why aren’t more men taking parental leave?

More than ever, dads are demanding parental leave—yet uptake remains low. We look at what’s holding men back from family life.

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Want gender equality? Look after your working parents

The gender pay gap still exists – and it’s holding men back, too. Jodi Geddes explains why supporting parents matters.

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Why normalising parental leave is good for men and women

Parental leave is about parents. Not just women. At Circle In, we want to help organisations move the conversation from working mothers to working parents. …

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Dad Parental Leave Survey

Why more dads want better access to parental leave

While combining a career and parenthood is the reality for most Australian families, our latest Circle In research show that dads are still struggling to gain equal access to parental leave and flexible working.

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