Best-practice support for caregivers in the workplace

feat. Melissa Barnes People and Change Consultant

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Melissa Barnes

Jodi Geddes

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In 2015, there were 2.1 billion people in need of care; by 2030, the number of care recipients is predicted to reach 2.3 billion. 

Creating a caregiver-friendly workplace is essential to manage the growing impact of caring on an aging workforce.

In this engaging session, People and Culture Change Consultant, Melissa Barnes and, Co-Founder Circle In, Jodi Geddes discuss the impact caregiving has on all of us and our working lives, and how workplaces can put a focus on caregivers and be progressive in this space.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Define who is a ‘caregiver’ for maximum clarity;
  • Support employees through various caregiving stages;
  • Create a caregiver-friendly workplace; and
  • Develop an approach and policy that suits your workplace

As part of this webinar, we created this caregiving framework that you can download via our website here.

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