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The manager squeeze: why your managers are in crisis and what HR can do about it

feat. Kerry Atkinson, Himal Pillay and Claire Seeber

Meet our guests

Kerry Atkinson

Head of People and Culture, BDO

Himal Pillay

Founder and Director at Realign

Claire Seeber

Founder and Director at Realign

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Managers aren’t coping. They feel like the role of interpreter, mediator and counsellor are all squarely on their shoulders. They’re overwhelmed, because they don’t have the skills and support to be great at the hard stuff. And when managers are struggling, their teams feel it too.

Join our panel of experts to hear about the biggest challenges facing managers right now, and what some of Australia’s largest organizations are doing to help their managers get better at the hard stuff.

What you’ll learn:

👉 How your managers are *really* feeling (it might not be what they’re telling you on your employee engagement surveys) – get a sneak peek into our latest research report, The Unsaid 

👉 What’s contributing to the manager squeeze, and how HR can upskill managers to get better at the hard stuff 

👉 What skills modern managers need *right now* to build high performing teams 

👉 Why management training isn’t cutting it, and how organisations can do it better

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