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As covered in the Age and SMH

How EnergyAustralia is creating an “irresistible organisation” amid rapid industry transformation

feat. Angelique Amor (EnergyAustralia), Diana Jovcevska (EnergyAustralia), Jason Lee (EnergyAustralia) & Sarah Gildea (Circle In)

Meet our guests

Angelique Amor

Head of People Operations, EnergyAustralia

Diana Jovcevska

Head of People, EnergyAustralia

Jason Lee

Maintenance Leader, EnergyAustralia

Sarah Gildea

Marketing & Content Manager, Circle In

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The energy industry is going through a seismic shift having to navigate regulatory change, increased price pressures, and consumer expectations. EnergyAustralia is facing into this environment by flexibly supporting its people and powering change. In this webinar learn how they are building an irresistible organisation where their people are excited to play a part in a new energy system.

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