Work practices we’re bringing to 2021

feat. Kasey Zun (from Ashurst) and Leah Ferguson (from MYOB)

Meet our guests

Julia Bickley

Head of Customer Success at Circle In

Kasey Zun

Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Ashurst

Leah Ferguson

Organisational Development Consultant at MYOB

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In this session, Circle In Head of Customer Success, Julia Bickley, sat down with Kasey Zun (from Ashurst) and Leah Ferguson (from MYOB) to discuss the inclusive conversations you should have with working parents and carers and how you can offer consistent experiences for them across multiple offices.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How MYOB rolled out their “Flexperience 2.0” for employees
  • How to keep wellbeing and organizational responsibility in mind
  • How Ashurst implemented a successful hybrid working model enhancing collaboration and performance
  • Work practices to bring to 2021
  • Advice for organizations unsure how to move forward from COVID-19
  • Tools you can implement to support those working remotely or in-office

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