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I’m A Working Parent

Advice and tools to help you navigate your career and work-life juggle as a working mother or father


“We can work it out”: How three couples negotiate sharing the load

Managing work and family means taking on a range of roles. Three couples explain how they discuss their approach.

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Up and away? Preparing for a work trip when you’re a parent

Being away from the family can add pressure to the daily grind. We ask seven parents about how they manage work travel.

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The unpacking of self-acceptance

Learn to accept your whole self: the good, the bad and the awesome.

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The changing shape of support for working grandparents

Grandparents are often the preferred providers of care for children whose parents are working. But many are juggling work and care commitments, too.

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Why aren’t more men taking parental leave?

More than ever, dads are demanding parental leave—yet uptake remains low. We look at what’s holding men back from family life.

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CI-burnou-GX-CONS - How to avoid career burnout

Feeling the strain? How to avoid burnout

If the juggle is getting too much, here are some practical tips to respond to burnout before it takes hold.

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How to make the school holidays more enjoyable for you and the kids

School holidays: a well-earned break or working parent juggle turned up to 11? Here are five expert tips to set yourself up for success.

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Eco-friendly hacks for busy working parents

Want a better world for your kids? Here are some ways to reduce your footprint without compromising on convenience.

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CI-conych-GX-CONS-connect with your child

Tips to connect with your child when you work full time

Long days at work? Feeling disconnected from your kids? Here are 15 opportunities to build a bond with your children.

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Forget busy. Focus is the new black

So often we judge ourselves on how many things we do, but do our kids care how many emails we sent or how busy we were at work today? No, they care about having a happy parent who is present. We show you how to ditch busy for busy’s sake and live your life with intention.

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