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Advice and tools to help you navigate your career and work-life juggle as a working mother or father


How to say no without feeling guilty

When was the last time you said ‘no’ to your work colleague, manager, partner, child or parent without feeling a case of the guilts? Tips to have you saying no without that guilty feeling.

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Who said career satisfaction is outside your comfort zone?

New challenge or unnecessary stress? Why staying in your comfort zone at work can be a good thing for working parents.

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Why you should say yes to that friendly childminding offer

Are you a working parent who struggles to ask for help? Jodi Geddes accepted a childminding offer from a friend and urges you to do it too.

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Work habits you can bring home

Habits we pick up at work can do wonders to make our home lives easier.

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How to share the load as a working parent

Are you a working parent struggling with the juggle? Discover these tips for sharing the load with your partner from a working mum-of-six.

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Your printable back-to-school checklist

Counting down to the first day of school? We’ve got a list for the parents and the kids to get you ready for day one.

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Finding and loving your personal brand

Are you living your values? Define your personal brand and tell the world who you truly are.

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What have you got planned for the school holidays?

We have some great ideas under and over $10 to keep your kids entertained for the school holidays.

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Defining your why

Bringing a little person into the world can be the trigger to contemplating some larger life questions. Our co-founder Kate Pollard explains defining your ‘why’ based on the insights of motivational speaker Simon Sinek.

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Christmas gift ideas for teachers and childcare support

The Circle In team presents a list of thoughtful Christmas gifts that would bring cheer to teachers and childcare aides.

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