Christmas gift ideas for teachers and early childhood educators

Teachers and early childhood educators have done a stellar job this year and have been such an important part of our children’s lives! With the end of the Australia/NZ school year fast approaching, we’re on the hunt for a thoughtful gift that shows our appreciation for their tireless efforts while not being tacky or just gathering dust on their shelf. Having done this for a few years now, we have a few winning picks from the team at Circle In – whether you’re going it solo or chipping in with the class.* Bonus tip: Use Group Together to organise your class collection with ease!

Under $50

  • A picture book for the class teacher: This is a great collective class present. Get all the kids to draw pictures of their teacher and turn it into a book. This will make for a wonderful and personal keepsake! 
  • Seed presents: A simple, sustainable gift that says, “Thank you for helping me grow!” (yes, we do love a good pun!). Or indestructible indoor plants for the brown thumbs out there.
  • Cards with a purpose: Organisations like Oxfam often create cute and quirky cards that, upon purchase, will donate their proceeds to a charitable cause. 
  • Personalized gifts: You can keep it simple by personalising an everyday item of use like a bookmark or a fridge magnet. Our friends at Arlo & Co. make a beautiful range of products that will delight the caregiver, coach, or teacher.  
  • Homemade treats: Making your own jams, biscuits or decorative gingerbread and wrapping them in lovely little packages is a nice way to say “thank you!” too. Too busy to make? We love these tasty treats from Freckleberry.
  • Utility-based presents: To encourage more constructive play in the classroom or at child care, give gifts that can be used with the children. Think stationery and classroom supplies. Also, story stones are a popular pick among the Circle In parents (make sure you gift these a few weeks before Christmas to make the most of the present!).

Between $50 – $100

  • Local delights: Purchase vouchers from cafes or lunch spots near your child’s school or child care for the staff to enjoy during their breaks. 
  • Surprise deliveries: Deliver a box of donuts, cupcakes, or chocolate hampers to the staff room a few weeks prior to the end-of-year so that the staff can enjoy a treat in the tearoom.

Over $100

  • Subscription vouchers: Give a year-long gift of a weekly magazine subscription voucher for the staff room (you could even ask them what they want so you’ll be getting them something they’re sure to read!).
  • Spa vouchers: You can’t go wrong with a spa voucher – they’re the ultimate gift of relaxation after a long year. If a voucher is too extravagant, you could even get them some bath bombs or essential oils to help them unwind after a long day.

We love hearing about other amazing gift ideas for this special group of people who play such a crucial role in our kids’ lives. Write in and share your ideas with us! 

Written by the Circle In team.

*Note that in some Australian states, Department of Education policy prohibits teachers from accepting cash or debit cards, or gifts over $50 from one child, caregiver, or family.

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