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Lead your family with positivity in three steps

When stay-at-home restrictions and uncertainty loom large for working parents, it’s more important than ever to stay positive for your family’s sake.

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What does your inbox say about you? A peek into Jodi Geddes's email habits

What does your inbox say about you? A peek into Jodi Geddes’s email habits

Do you feel overwhelmed when your inbox reaches 1,348 unread emails? Jodi Geddes is on a mission to achieve inbox zero…

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Circle In approved practical hacks for lockdown 2.0

We know from our first brush with lockdown what worked and what didn’t. Here are 12 Circle In approved hacks for surviving the next six weeks (if you’re living in Victoria!)

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Three simple ways to go green when working from home with kids

There’s no better time to teach your kids about sustainable living than now. Here are three simple ways to reduce, reuse and recycle with your kids.

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COVID-19: The life-changing lessons for our children

What are you modelling for your children in a pandemic? What is it teaching you about your own mental health? Five lessons to live by.

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How to rediscover your identity

Do you ever stop to think about the person you’ve become? Maybe it’s time to pause and unpack your self-identity?…

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Top gift ideas new parents will love

Don’t know what to buy for the parents-to-be? Here’s a list of new-parent-approved suggestions your friends will love!

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Five ways to overcome impostor syndrome

Ever felt like a fraud and not deserving of your success? It could be impostor syndrome.

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An estate plan; it’s so much more than a will

Finance expert Irit Harris suggests all working parents get an estate plan to protect your assets and give you peace of mind.

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How to get sexual intimacy back on track

Lacking spark in the bedroom after kids? You’re not alone. Tips to get your sexual intimacy back on track from a relationship expert.

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Why you should say yes to that friendly childminding offer

Are you a working parent who struggles to ask for help? Jodi Geddes accepted a childminding offer from a friend and urges you to do it too.

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How to find your ‘village’

We all know it takes a village to raise a child, but how do you find your own village for support and community?…

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