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Menopause and the workplace: Guidelines for employers

By Circle In

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While menopause is a near-universal experience for women (and transgender and non-binary people, too), it can often feel very isolating. Many are reluctant to let anyone know that they’re experiencing it, especially in the workplace, and therefore fail to access the best available support.

If your workplace isn’t set up to support women during the menopausal transition, you risk losing experienced and highly competent employees.

As well as this survey by Circle In, others have examined the topic of menopause in the workplace, drawing the same conclusion: 
a culture of empathy and understanding could make the world of difference to people experiencing menopause in the workplace.

If your organization genuinely wants to drive change, the results 
speak for themselves. This is your chance to act.

Download this guide to learn some key areas in which you can improve outcomes 
for those going through menopause.

In this guide you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a framework for flexibility
  • Raise awareness in your workplace
  • Equip and inform your managers and leaders
  • Build a community
  • Adjust the working environment

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