Guide tile - Negotiating flexibility with your employees

Negotiating flexibility with your employees as you plan to return to work

The stop-start nature of COVID normal has taken its toll on us all. The changing routines, an invisible public health enemy, blurred lines between home and work…how do we manage this as we head into a new year filled with hope? And how can employers provide the needed support to employees during this time?

Our Future of Work survey in 2020 showed that 84% of employees wish to maintain a mix of working from home and going into the office. This means that employers need to start reimagining the workplace experience of the future and put more inclusive practices in place as they prepare to open up. Our research also found that manager support is critical to making flexibility work, but is largely absent. 54% of people say their managers are not equipped to lead a flexible team.

We’ve put together a three-phase approach to embedding flexibility into your business operations. 

  • Phase 1: Survey your employees
  • Phase 2: Dive deeper with focus groups
  • Phase 3: Define your ways of working

Download our guide here.

For more resources on how you can support your carers and upskill your managers, have a chat with us here

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