Smashing the taboo of menopause in the workplace

Feat. Mary Crooks (VWT) & Jane Bennett (Chalice Foundation)

Meet our guests

Jodi Rosenthal

General Manager of Circle In

Mary Crooks

Executive Director at Victorian Women's Trust

Jane Bennett

Managing Direct at the Chalice Foundation

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In this webinar, Circle In GM of Operations, Jodi Rosenthal, sat down with Mary Crooks (Victorian Women’s Trust) and Jane Bennett (Chalice Foundation) to discuss how you can smash the taboo of menopause in your workplace.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What the experience of menopause is like, and it’s impact on working life
  • The support women are getting/not getting in the workplace and what they need
  • Some quick wins for employers
  • How to smash the taboo of menopause in the workplace
  • Steps you can take to facilitate a culture of openness

For more information on menopause in the workplace, you can download our menopause research or our guidelines for employers.

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