The Personal Styler’s top 5 styling tips for casual mamas

Just because you are a mama doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style! Despite this fact, many of us revert to what we think we know works, but not necessarily what makes us feel good or reflects who we are at this stage in our lives. Being a mama does mean, however, you should try to be savvy with your dressing and aim to create looks that are stylish, practical and casually comfortable. Yes, comfort and style can go hand in hand!

Ultimately, all women want to feel good in what they wear throughout all of the changing stages of motherhood. It can be part of what keeps you sane, holding onto the essence of you while the rest of your life revolves around everyone else. Therefore, you want to build a go-to wardrobe that is versatile and can withstand the constant switching of settings, from school drop off and pickup, to kids’ sport, to work, etc.

So how can we look good whilst also wearing something practical that doesn’t take any time to pull together? It’s easier than you might think. Here are my top five tips for the casual mama.

Tip #1 – Know what suits you

In order to feel good in something you are wearing, you need to be able to dress for your body shape. When an outfit highlights your positive attributes it all works in symmetry, which in turn will make you feel good.

Tip #2 – Keep it practical

Jeans are a great practical go-to casual item that you can mix and match with pretty much anything and everything. If you choose a denim with stretch it will move with your shape. If you are not big on wearing jeans, try a casual trouser or skirt. What you choose will depend on what your day entails, for example, if you’re planning to climb trees with your child, wearing a skirt might not be the best option.

Tip #3 – Patterns and prints are your friend

Patterns and prints can hide a multitude of smudges and stains, even Vegemite fingerprints! You can also often get away with not ironing a print so it makes for a quick change. And oh, how we love a striped tee! It should definitely be a staple in every mama’s wardrobe.

Tip #4 – Purchase versatile pieces

When purchasing clothing, think about how many different occasions you can wear it to. Being able to take an outfit from school pick up to date night is a bonus. For example, a pair of jeans worn with a tee and runners during the day could be spruced up with a pair of heels, statement earrings and a blazer for night.

Tip #5 – Find your personal style

Make sure you are being true to you – letting your personality and style come through in what you are wearing. Accessorising is a great way to do this. If you love colour, add a colourful scarf to your outfit or an interesting shoe. Don’t ever feel as though you can’t express your true self.

Before you hit the shops, try playing with what you already have. Go through your wardrobe and put together different styles, including variations on what you might have tried before. What do you have to lose? By mixing and matching you might expand your wardrobe or rediscover that gem you forgot you had.

Written by Tors, Personal Stylist at The Personal Styler. Inspiring women through all stages of motherhood to embrace their bodies with style and confidence. Aiming to take away the anxiety around body shape and image. Find The Personal Styler on Facebook and Instagram.

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