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Learnings from lockdown: What juggling work and three kids in isolation has taught me

The going is tough for all of us right now. Here’s a family-of-five’s warts and all account of COVID life and the lessons learnt.

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#1 tip for expecting parents: Complete your parental leave plan

Counting down the days until parental leave? Have you prepared a parental leave plan? All your details laid out in one place.

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Welcoming mums back to work: a guide for managers and parents

The ‘return to work after maternity leave’ — Note to managers

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Messy play bingo: how many have you checked off?

Simple messy play activities for time-poor parents, plus ideas to limit the mess.

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What does working flexibly really mean?

Thinking about working flexibly? It helps to understand the many faces of flexibility in the workplace. Let’s take a look.

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Four big questions to ask yourself before studying on parental leave

Have your career priorities shifted since becoming a parent? Further study during could be the way forward.

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How to home school your child and work from home

Working from home AND home schooling? Realistic tips to get both done

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Thinking about returning to work flexibly during isolation? These tips will help you

Thinking about your return to work after parental leave, but unsure what impact COVID-19 will have? Here’s where to start.

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Reach out to grandparents for help with these grandparent-approved ideas

Grandparents can throw you a lifeline right now by looking after the kids remotely. Reach out for help with these grandparent-approved ideas.

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Remote learning in a time of crisis: a teacher’s top tips to make learning from home easier

Worried about supervising the kids’ learning from home during COVID-19? Teacher and mum-of-two Sarah Galbraith shares her top tips to make homeschooling easier for working parents.

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Free early childhood education for working parents: your questions answered

One million Australian families will receive free childcare as part of the government’s response to COVID-19.

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How to avoid the no-break workday

Working from home in isolation? Top tips to help you avoid the no-break workday.

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The new daily conversation that needs to take place in your household

“What does tomorrow look like for us?” Psychologist and mum-of-three Clea Wallage urges us to keep talking when navigating change.

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Monitoring your kids screen time, when working from home

How to keep your kids’ screen time in check when the whole world is heading virtual. Read our top tips.

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Six activities for your kids when you’re on a conference call

Working from home with kids in tow? You’ll need to find a way to keep them entertained when you get on your work calls.

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Weekend wellness: Six evidence-based wellness activities for families

At the end of a busy work week, slow weekends with the family are just what the doctor ordered.

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How to say no without feeling guilty

When was the last time you said ‘no’ to your work colleague, manager, partner, child or parent without feeling a case of the guilts? Tips to have you saying no without that guilty feeling.

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Who said career satisfaction is outside your comfort zone?

New challenge or unnecessary stress? Why staying in your comfort zone at work can be a good thing for working parents.

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