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How Kate’s career took a hit after baby #2

Get in the driver’s seat of your career with Kate Pollard’s top 5 parental leave career tips.

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Why expecting parents need to invest in a babymoon

Why expecting parents need to invest in a babymoon

Expecting and considering a babymoon? Five reasons why you should book that last hurrah trip before baby’s arrival.

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From business owner to employee: Make the switch work!

10 expert tips for making the switch from business owner to employee.

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Why working parents need their ‘village’

Navigating through change can be tough, and good support is essential. Here’s why it’s good to lean on your village through times of change.

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The perfect out-of-office parental leave message for dads

A tried and tested parental leave out of office message for dads with a sense of humor.

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To binge or not to binge: the parental leave Netflix dilemma

To binge or not to binge: the parental leave Netflix dilemma

No more wading into the murky waters of daytime television—these days there’s Netflix to keep you company on parental leave.

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Thinking about making a career move while pregnant?

Key considerations for making a career move during pregnancy from someone who’s taken the leap.

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What if my parental leave replacement is better than me?

Going on parental leave and experiencing the replacement blues? These tips might help.

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Get radical on parental leave: throw out your to-do list

Making the switch from working world to caring for a baby means readjusting your expectations of what it means to ‘achieve’.

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Parent guilt: is it real or make-believe?

Belinda Allitt shares her story of facing parent guilt head-on and kicking those negative thoughts to the curb.

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Looking for a new role? 5 tips to give you a positive edge

From embracing rejection letters to penning a reverse resume, here’s how to be positive and proactive in your job hunt.

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How to retain high performers through pregnancy and parental leave

How our leaders manage the ‘big moments’ in our lives matters… enormously! Senior leader Merav Bloch knows two sides of the same coin.

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What to look for when choosing a child care center

On the hunt for a child care center and unsure where to start? Read our top five considerations.

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Here’s why bringing your whole self to work might just make you happier

Want to know the key to greater confidence and success as a working parent? Show up authentically and you won’t look back.

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#1 tip for expecting parents: complete your parental leave plan

Counting down the days until parental leave? Have you prepared a parental leave plan? All your details laid out in one place.

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4 top tips to re-assess your career and make a plan

Work and life values out of sync? Might be time to re-assess your career and get intentional about where you’re headed.

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5 steps to financially prepare for parenthood

Discover five tips to help you financially prepare for having a baby and starting a family.

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What does working flexibly really mean?

Thinking about working flexibly? It helps to understand the many faces of flexibility in the workplace. Let’s take a look.

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