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How Jodi Geddes returned to work after losing her baby at 14 weeks

Miscarriage affects one in four pregnancies. Jodi Geddes shares the painful story of losing her baby at 14 weeks and the lessons learnt.

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Up and away? Preparing for a work trip when you’re a parent

Being away from the family can add pressure to the daily grind. We ask seven parents about how they manage work travel.

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Top 10 ways to build confidence and relaunch your career after a break

Back to work after a career break? Relaunch with confidence with these top ten tips from a careers expert.

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Five things I learnt about flexible working

How can you work successfully and support your family? Dad-of-two Blake Woodward looks at ways to approach flexibility.

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Tips to connect with your child when you work full time

Long days working and family relationships feeling strained? Feeling disconnected from your kids? Here are 15 opportunities to build a bond with your children.

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Simplify life. 5 tips to make more space for what matters most

Simplify life: 5 tips to make more space for what matters most

Want to hear a secret? We don’t have to sacrifice quality time with our family to achieve great things in our careers. But we do need to simplify our life.

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Pinky McKay’s practical tips on returning to work and breastfeeding

Worrying about how to juggle breastfeeding and returning to work? Breastfeeding expert Pinky McKay has you covered.

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Jodi Geddes share her return to work tips

Return to work confidently with tips from Jodi Geddes

Survive and thrive when you return to work after parental leave with these top tips from Circle In Co-founder Jodi Geddes.

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Find harmony juggling kids and work after a separation

Major life changes almost always throw out a family’s routine, but there can be harmony after divorce.

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Creating and maintaining strong professional networks

Keeping professional networks alive doesn’t mean attending all the events, but you also shouldn’t leave it to chance.

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How working parents are managing childcare this school holidays

How are working parents managing the school break juggle?

Accommodating school routines is challenging enough, so what do you do when school break time is thrown into the mix?

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How Kate’s career took a hit after baby #2

Get in the driver’s seat of your career with Kate Pollard’s top 5 parental leave career tips.

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Why expecting parents need to invest in a babymoon

Why expecting parents need to invest in a babymoon

Expecting and considering a babymoon? Five reasons why you should book that last hurrah trip before baby’s arrival.

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From business owner to employee: Make the switch work!

10 expert tips for making the switch from business owner to employee.

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Why working parents need their ‘village’

Navigating through change can be tough, and good support is essential. Here’s why it’s good to lean on your village through times of change.

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The perfect out-of-office parental leave message for dads

A tried and tested parental leave out of office message for dads with a sense of humor.

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To binge or not to binge: the parental leave Netflix dilemma

To binge or not to binge: the parental leave Netflix dilemma

No more wading into the murky waters of daytime television—these days there’s Netflix to keep you company on parental leave.

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Thinking about making a career move while pregnant?

Key considerations for making a career move during pregnancy from someone who’s taken the leap.

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