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Childcare Victoria (stage 4): What to know and where to look

What Victorians need to know about childcare during stage 4 restrictions and where to access information.

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Top five tips to declutter and get organised for your sanity

Is clutter driving you crazy? Organising expert Erin Boyce shares her top five tips for taking control of your home and getting organised for your sanity.

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What if my parental leave replacement is better than me?

What if my parental leave replacement is better than me? Going on parental leave and experiencing the replacement blues? These tips might help.

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Tips to connect with your child when you work full time

Long days working and family relationships feeling strained? Feeling disconnected from your kids? Here are 15 opportunities to build a bond with your children.

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Creating and maintaining strong professional networks

Maintaining your professional networks has never been more important for working parents. We explore the practical ways on how to maintain your professional networks and visibility on parental leave with expert Michelle Redfern.

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school holiday planner

School holiday planner

Download this helpful school holiday planner for working parents trying to juggle it all…

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How can you keep your career on track during a pandemic?

Thinking about career progression? The world may have gone into lockdown, but your career doesn’t have to.

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Learnings from lockdown: What juggling work and three kids in isolation has taught me

The going is tough for all of us right now. Here’s a family-of-five’s warts and all account of COVID life and the lessons learnt.

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#1 tip for expecting parents: Complete your parental leave plan

Counting down the days until parental leave? Have you prepared a parental leave plan? All your details laid out in one place.

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Welcoming mums back to work: a guide for managers and parents

The ‘return to work after maternity leave’ — Note to managers

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Messy play bingo: how many have you checked off?

Simple messy play activities for time-poor parents, plus ideas to limit the mess.

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What does working flexibly really mean?

Thinking about working flexibly? It helps to understand the many faces of flexibility in the workplace. Let’s take a look.

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Four big questions to ask yourself before studying on parental leave

Have your career priorities shifted since becoming a parent? Further study during could be the way forward.

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How to home school your child and work from home

Working from home AND home schooling? Realistic tips to get both done

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Thinking about returning to work flexibly during isolation? These tips will help you

Thinking about your return to work after parental leave, but unsure what impact COVID-19 will have? Here’s where to start.

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Reach out to grandparents for help with these grandparent-approved ideas

Grandparents can throw you a lifeline right now by looking after the kids remotely. Reach out for help with these grandparent-approved ideas.

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Remote learning in a time of crisis: a teacher’s top tips to make learning from home easier

Worried about supervising the kids’ learning from home during COVID-19? Teacher and mum-of-two Sarah Galbraith shares her top tips to make homeschooling easier for working parents.

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Free early childhood education for working parents: your questions answered

One million Australian families will receive free childcare as part of the government’s response to COVID-19.

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