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Do I have the right to return to the same job?

Know your rights: Australian employees who have been on unpaid parental leave are entitled to return to the job they had before going on leave.

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Tips to connect with your child when you work full time

Long days working and family relationships feeling strained? Feeling disconnected from your kids? Here are 15 opportunities to build a bond with your children.

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Here’s why bringing your whole self to work might just make you happier

Want to know the key to greater confidence and success as a working parent? Show up authentically and you won’t look back.

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Simplify life. 5 tips to make more space for what matters most

Simplify life: 5 tips to make more space for what matters most

Want to hear a secret? We don’t have to sacrifice quality time with our family to achieve great things in our careers. But we do need to simplify our life.

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Why you shouldn’t take parental leave from volunteering

Thinking about ditching your volunteer position on parental leave? A working parent recommends thinking twice before you stand down.

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“A letter of thanks to my employer for supporting my parental leave”

A working parent’s first time taking parental leave offers up plenty of lessons in time for the arrival of a new baby.

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Kate Pollard on what it really feels like to lose your career and identity

Being prepared for parental leave could be the difference between career progression and career limbo, writes Kate Pollard.

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Top 10 best ever tips for a trouble-free return to work

10 tips to help get you back into the groove at work, so you can get in, get the job done, and get home to your loved ones.

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Hands off my bump: Some workplace etiquette please!

Expecting a baby, or know someone who is? Here’s how you can handle unsolicited gestures at work when you’re expecting, and what not to do or say to your expecting colleagues.

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Reclaiming work-life harmony: How to successfully juggle kids and work after a separation

Major life changes almost always throw out a family’s routine. Take the first steps toward achieving work-life harmony post-divorce.

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Thinking about getting back into the workforce after kids?

Thinking about getting back into the workforce after kids? Don’t hold back. A parent of six tells how – with planning and determination – she did it.

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Pinky McKay’s practical tips on returning to work and breastfeeding

Worrying about how to juggle breastfeeding and returning to work? Breastfeeding expert Pinky McKay has you covered.

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Why all working parents need their ‘village’

Navigating through change can be tough, and good support is essential. Here’s why it’s good to lean on your village through times of change.

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What childcare best suits your family?

Deciding on the right early childhood education and care for your family isn’t easy. We look at the pros and cons of the options available.

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Have a break… have a KIT day!

Planning or on parental leave? Keep in touch with your workplace on your own terms with keeping in touch (KIT) days.

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Five things I learnt about flexible working

How can you work successfully and support your family? Dad-of-two Blake Woodward looks at ways to approach flexibility.

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Six activities for your kids when you’re on a conference call

Working from home with kids in tow? You’ll need to find a way to keep them entertained when you get on your work calls.

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Six ways to boost your self-confidence after parental leave

Learn how to reflect on your achievements and new skills, tune out negative self-talk and empower yourself with confidence.

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