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Top tips for changing your career after 40

Relaunching or switching careers after 40? Follow these expert tips and boost your confidence and likelihood of success.

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How to start the conversation with your boss around working flexibly

Feeling the struggle of returning to work after baby? Here’s how to have that all-important conversation with your leader about working flexibly.

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Time for a referee health check? Be strategic, get organised and help your referees help you

Did you know referee fatigue is a thing? This, and other expert tips to help you pick and get the most out of your referees.

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Looking for a new role? Here are five positive tips to help you

From embracing rejection letters to penning a reverse resume, here’s how to be positive and proactive in your job hunt.

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How to make the school holidays more enjoyable for you and the kids

School holidays: a well-earned break or working parent juggle turned up to 11? Here are five expert tips to set yourself up for success.

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Circle In School Holiday Planner

School holiday planner

Download this helpful school holiday planner for working parents trying to juggle it all…

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What have you got planned for the school holidays?

We have some great ideas under and over $10 to keep your kids entertained for the school holidays.

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Parent guilt: is it real or make believe?

Belinda Allitt shares her story of facing parent guilt head-on and kicking those negative thoughts to the kerb.

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Managers, how to retain your high performers through pregnancy and parental leave

How our leaders manage the ‘big moments’ in our lives matters… enormously! Senior leader and mum-of-two Merav Bloch knows two sides of the same coin. Here, she shares her tips.

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How COVID-19 brought me my first kiss

One upside to the pandemic has been the demise of the ‘weekend dad’ and a bit more love going round!

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Our top tips to nail job sharing

Have you considered job sharing? It could be the answer to your flexible working dilemma. Here are our tips for building a successful job-share partnership.

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One mother’s experience of using her keeping in touch days

Do you know all your parental leave entitlements? Don’t let your keeping in touch days go to waste! They’re a game changer for new parents.

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Tips for guiding an employee back to remote working after parental leave (from someone who’s been there!)

Your employee is returning to work after parental leave… remotely. Have you thought of everything? A manager and employee account of making the leap back to work in a pandemic.

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How not to be a trigger-happy parent

Kids winding you up? David Willans of BeingDads shares an insight that will change how you view your child’s behaviour.

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Our four best tips to re-assess your career and make a plan

Work and life values out of sync? Maybe it’s time to re-assess your career and get intentional about where you’re headed.

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How Jodi Geddes returned to work after losing her baby at 14 weeks

Miscarriage affects one in four pregnancies. Jodi Geddes shares the painful story of losing her baby at 14 weeks and the lessons learnt.

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Jodi Geddes’s heartfelt letter to her girls about parenting in a pandemic

Ready to feel all the feels? Jodi Geddes’s heartfelt letter to her girls on the realities of pandemic life.

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The ups and downs of parental leave in a pandemic

Lockdown has certainly had its ups and downs. Three Melbourne mothers share their feelings about parental leave in 2020.

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